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Tappy Tail: Lizzo, now SAMMY!

Little Lizzo gal came from the ESLR shelter after being seen on a volunteer trip by one of our own TAP tribe. Kelsey saw this pup for all of the sweet, loving, and beautiful potential she had in her despite the dog’s respiratory difficulties while there. Lizzo sounded congested and had some nasal discharge that at the time was worrisome.

With all that said, Kelsey had an immediate connection that she couldnt ignore. She approached one of the team members and hopeful, asked that if Lizzo improved she’d be interested in adopting her. Kelsey even took pictures of Lizzo and made them her computer desktop and phone’s homescreen to keep the hope of the little shelter dog alive until her condition was able to improve.

The dogs in ESLR are in close quarters with immunocompromised and unwell dogs as most do come from the streets with no one to look after their well being. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Lizzo got healthy and we at TAP believe Kelsey’s strength and hope were the extra helping hand to get her well enough to become a Jay Bee kennel resident in the good old USA.

Lizzo became an energetic, playful babe that every volunteer fell in major puppy love with. Once settled there, Kelsey came and left her shirt with the pup so that she would remember her when the big day came. This sweet story ended as a fairy tale once her quarantine at the kennel was up and Kelsey showed up to get her girl. Kelsey and the spotted black & white lady were given a stuffed toy celebration cake with something extra special written on it. Since then, Lizzo has been renamed SAMY and the 2 have been inseparable ever since.

A few words from the new & improved Samy: As Lizzo would say… I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% adopted! I was just a little lady behind the crate bars in Mexico having a tough time catching my breath when I caught the eye of my now mom, Kelsey. Thank goodness she spotted me and I used up all my energy to charm the shirt right off her back. It took a lot outta me but I gots it! She helped me realize I was a strong, independent woman and I could get better with some time and positive thought. Never would I have dreamed that my treat for getting better would be to go on a long road trip across the border to JB’s but there I was! I waited and hoped I would see Kelsey and when I did I wiggled my booty so hard, I for sure thought my tail would fall off. We were still in puppy love and when my 10 day quarantine was up at the kennel, she and I partied it up with my favoritest surprise ever, a HAPPY ADOPTION CAKE!

It took me a few days to realize that I really wasn’t dreaming, but now I’m finally settling in to an amazing furever home and I couldn’t be happier! Seriously if you don’t believe me, just watch my booty shake on my new insta, who dis? @samy_therescuepup. Now, my daily life consists of treats, play time, snuggling and of course, sitting at the cycle bar in Hillcrest letting everyone be awed by my cuteness before and after their spin. Talk about fresh photos with the bomb lighting, this is just the start for me and my new life. Big, huge thanks to The Animal Pad for the rescuing that saved me and tons of my bruddas and sistas – Samy so happy, so let’s make some more happy tails!!