TAP is an all-breed, non-profit Dog Rescue Organization based in San Diego, Ca. Learn how you can help us right now! >

What if I can’t foster or adopt?

There are so many ways you can help if you’re currently unable to foster or adopt a dog.

Whether you live in California or whether you’re on the other side of the world you can make a HUGE difference. We are all volunteers and we always need more hands on deck to help with everything from running the admin to collecting dogs. Apply to volunteer with us today!

What can I do to help?

We have so many different in-person volunteer positions, but also many things you can do across the globe!

In-person opportunities include:

Event Volunteer: We have adoption and fundraising events throughout each month, and we always need volunteers to help out! Event volunteers get to hang out with our adoptable pups and fosters for the duration of the events, and answer general questions that people may have about our organization or adoptable dogs.

TAP Care Team: Perhaps our most coveted role in TAP history – the Care Team works directly with the dogs at our medical clearing facility in La Mesa, CA and are responsible for feeding, cleaning kennels, administering meds, laundry, and socializing the fur babies while they await medical clearance before being matched and going to a foster home. This role is our most active and hands-on volunteer opportunity, and requires both the willingness and ability to handle a variety of different dog personalities, as well as dogs of all shapes/sizes/breeds (strong pullers, energetic breeds, shy and decompressing dogs, etc.). Care Team volunteers must be able to lift 30 lbs. and feel comfortable handling dogs that pull on leash. Morning and evening shifts are available daily, 365 days of the year!

Supply/Donations Coordinator: Our Supply Coordinators work closely with the Care Team to take inventory and replenish supplies in the feeding room, as well as prepare foster bags so that the dogs leaving to their foster homes have the necessary supplies to get them started right from pick-up at HQ. Ideally, this role would be filled by someone that’s able to come to TAP HQ in La Mesa at least twice weekly, and is comfortable using Slack, Sling, and Google Drive.  This role will likely only require about 5 hours/week of in-person volunteering, plus the communication between the team via Slack/Sling, as well as keeping track of various info on Google Drive (including inventory).

Transporter: Most of our transport needs center around making sure our foster dogs can get to their various vet appointments, which are typically done in house at HQ thankfully! Aside from that, there are almost always some dogs who need transport to and from our events that their foster is unable to bring them to. Transporting is often overlooked because it doesn’t seem quite as “glamorous” as adoption events, but having quality, one-on-one time with the dogs and getting to build your own, personal connection with them is second to none!

What if I’m not nearby?

We are thrilled to introduce TAPACT- Our activism wing of The Animal Pad (TAP).

TAPACT is dedicated to ending the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of dogs through information, education, and advocacy locally and globally. The Animal Pad rescues dogs primarily from Mexico and through our journey, we have seen firsthand the many issues that dogs face at the hands of humans. We are determined to evoke permanent change in both policy and culturally. We have a battle ahead of us but we know that, working together as one voice, we can make a significant difference for these souls on both sides of the border. Together, we can be heard. Together, we can make change. Together, we can’t be stopped.

If you are interested in getting involved with TAPACT, please email: TAPACT@theanimalpad.com

How do I start volunteering?

Apply to volunteer through our application today!