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Give the gift that saves lives!

Sponsor a TAP dog in honor of someone and provide them the gift of knowing they have made all the difference to a rescue dog.

With our rescue focusing on dogs that wouldn’t have a chance elsewhere, your sponsorship will not only help us give ‘your’ sponsored dog the basic vetting, spay & neuter, and care that he/she needs, but truly will be the reason we are able to continue to help these abandoned, neglected, and abused souls. Either donate or fundraise your sponsorship amount using the link on this page, and the dog of your choice will be given the necessary medical attention and care needed to ensure the amazing start of his/her brand new life. By sponsoring a dog, you are giving them the hope they need and the realization that there is good in a world that has wronged them. We already have so many success stories that have been made possible by our sponsors, who are the reason we can continue to save lives. You can see our many transformations on Instagram and Facebook, as well as updates on LIVE dog rescues. Thank you for your support!

When completing your sponsorships, be sure to include the recipient’s name and email you wish the certificate to be sent.

If you would like to get in touch directly, please email: donations@theanimalpad.com

One of these medical dogs could really use your support.

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Rudolph was found on the streets of Ensenada with cancerous tumors on his body. Your sponsorship helps get Rudolph the chemotherapy treatment he needs to live a long, happy and healthy life.


Roman is a senior shepherd rescued from a scam shelter in Ensenada, Mexico. His body may be old, but his spirit is so vibrant, and his heart pure gold.


Sergeant is a long-time resident here. He was hit by a car and although he is not paralyzed, he is incontinent. Luckily he looks adorable in diapers! Sponsoring Sarge means helping us keep up with his special food and special needs as a differently-abled but just as deserving dog.


You can't tell from the photo, but Maddi is brewing 11 puppies this holiday season! Sponsoring her and her family means supporting their needs to ensure they grow up big and strong.

Marley, the kitty

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Many of these dogs have experienced extreme neglect or cruelty…but to see these terrified souls become happy and healthy makes my heart swell. Through TAP’s sponsorship program, I am proud to know that I single-handedly saved a life and gave a dog their opportunity to be loved and cherished forever.”