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Join the TAP Pack

Our sustaining donors, known as the ‘TAP Pack’, invest in the well-being of our dogs and allow us to continue this work. Becoming a member of the TAP Pack is the best way to support us, because it gives us the resources we need to save lives.

Join us today, at whatever level you are comfortable with! Every bit helps, and we are so grateful to have you; and our pups are, too. There are perks to joining the TAP Pack, that go beyond saving lives!


$1-10 monthly

TAP Pack Magnet

$11-20 monthly

TAP Pack magnet & recognition on website

$21-40 monthly

TAP Pack magnet, recognition on website & annual naming rights

$41-100 monthly

TAP Pack magnet, recognition on website, annual naming rights,
& framed photo of dog annually

$100+ monthly : VIP

(very important pups!)

TAP Pack magnet, recognition on website, annual naming rights, framed photo of 2 dogs annually, & invitation to Annual Taco Night with founders

Yes, please bring a Very Important Pup to the USA
for me! A one-time donation of $250 will save a dog from the Ensenada shelter.

The TAP Pack

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Our average cost for a dog rescued from Ellos Son La Razon (our sister shelter in Ensenada) totals over $500. This is a number we are unable to recoup with our typical adoption fees, so your monthly partnership is so important to keep our rescue going. We could not do it without generous donors, like you! Thank you for investing in us, and the well-being of our dogs.

“I joined the TAP Pack because it’s amazing to know that every dollar I donate each month goes directly to saving dogs in need. I have first hand seen the work that The Animal Pad does, and I cannot think of a more deserving organization, or more deserving dogs. They not only rescue death-row dogs, but dogs with life-threatening medical and health issues, who are costly to rehabilitate. Donations are the only way they can do it, and I look forward to supporting them always, and being a part of this forever.”

-Cassandra MacFarlane, TAP Pack Monthly Donor