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Why is Fostering Important?

Fostering not only gives dogs a loving place to stay while waiting for adoption, it also gives them a step-up in life.

Fostering dogs before they are adopted, not only allows a shelter to take in more dogs, it helps the dog adjust to the tough time before having a fur-ever home! Fostering allows them socialization and adjustment to new environments which allows them a greater chance of adoption into a loving family. It’s also a great way to see if adoption is for you, and to see how you can prepare yourself for a potential friend!

If you can’t commit to fostering, you can sign up to be a ‘Temp Foster’!

Temp fostering is a great way for people who work long hours, travel frequently, or otherwise are unable to care for a pet long term to get some puppy love in their life and do some good while they’re at it! Dogs may need temp fosters because their regular foster is out of town, they are between fosters, or they otherwise need a safe place to go for a shorter period of time. Our matchmaking team will provide a list of dogs with upcoming temp foster needs and after reviewing their bios and the dates they need care, you can let us know if there is a pup you are interested in helping!

Of course if you fall in love and want to turn fostering into forever, no one will stand in your way…

Is Fostering for Me?

Fostering is great for people who love animals, and is really for anyone who knows they can care for them – even temporarily.

Fostering is a great way to know and learn the responsibilities for an animal before finding a fur-ever friend! IT’s also a great way to truly learn more about a potential friend outside of a busy chaotic shelter! Not sure if your dream of having a mushy pitbull is right for your family and home? Fostering is a great way to find out!

How do I Start Fostering?

Apply to foster through our application today!

The Animal Pad provides supplies and vet care, you just need to provide a temporary home, all you need to provide is the loving care and playtime! It’s only a bonus that fostering related expenses are tax deductible, ask your tax professional for advice! But nothing tops the love and affection of a thankful pup before their fur-ever home.

Dogs In Need Of A Foster

If interested in fostering any of these available dogs, please fill out the foster application above.

Please note: Below are only a few of our current needs. We have many other dogs not listed yet! Apply and we will find a perfect fit for you!