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Tappy Tail: Berry, now FICUS!

Being exposed to so many dogs on the regular leaves the animal pad folk constantly saying there’s a very good boy and there’s very good girl. They are the Oprah of the “good dog” phrase. Recently, we had the pleasure of a BERRY good boy.

This curly headed sir from Ensenada was riddled with mange and very malnourished when first noticed at the shelter on a volunteer trip. He was in a small cage for most of his days and very, very skinny. After his mange became better managed, the TAP team brought him across the border to Jay Bee’s where he waited out his quarantine period.

As he got more yard time, nutrition and loving from the volunteers, his true spunk started to show. This berry athletic boy could fetch for hours on end, ball truly was life for him. He reached the day where he was picked up by his foster parents and brought home to share space with another TAP alumni dog to show him the ropes of domesticated, pampered living.

His first full day was at a North Park craft beer festival where men, women and children were smitten and drawn to his cute face and the worlds’ best eye brow game. He was a total super star and wanted by many.

He had met his new parents that day and although, he was trying to play it cool, the perfect match could be seen from all angles. Sir Berry, now named Ficus was adopted on May 20th and his new family couldnt be happier. Elise and Sam had been looking for a doodle breed because of severe pet dander allergies and this dog was everything they always dreamed of because hey some congestion and sneezing ain’t gonna stop a dog lover. Dog lovers gonna love. Ficus lives his dream out of playing fetch, enjoying all the bull sticks, stealing socks, and dripping his fresh water doodley beard all over the house now. He has recently left the San Diego area with his hoomans on the road trip of a life time to the PNW.

A few words from Ficus himself: I used to roam the streets of Mexico in search of food and friends every day but ever since being found by TAP, I’ve been living my best life. Every day is like yappy hour! My favorite tings include romping after tennis balls, digging at the beach, corgi butts, and snuggling on laps on long car rides. My most hated tings really include just baths, SOS! Luckily I have killer curls so I can air dry just fine. I will miss San Diego & all the TAP team members but I cant wait to experience SNOW and sniff out all of the new states’ dogs, mostly corgis. I’ll be sure to try out the coffee and report back to my TAP fam, oh & when we get settled we might even just be hitting you dudes back up for me to have a furry sibling. TAP Fam for life, tanks to all for giving me my furever home & pawsome family! Jumping for joy over my happy tail:)!