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10 must-haves pooch items for WFH sanity!

: Jamie Kirshner, for TAP

Working from home during quarantine (or after) can be a challenge—especially if your dog is constantly vying for your undivided attention. So here are 10 products we recommend for working from home with your pup. Or 10 items for just being at home with your pup—we don’t judge!

  1. A chew to keep their teeth occupied and their tummies happy

This one is durable and easy on the sensitive bellies. 

  1. A sniff mat for endless hours of exploring and digging around

Look at all the fun colors! It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face during those long meetings.

  1. A dog margarita plush toy set for happy hour after work

You may not get to have happy hour with your usual crew, but this guarantees that happy hour won’t be spent drinking alone.

  1. A personalized toy holder to keep your work space nice and tidy

This way you aren’t accidentally stepping on a squeaky toy during an important phone call.

  1. A grass patch delivered straight to your home

This is absolutely essential if you live in an apartment. Now you don’t have to take your dog out to pee during meetings.

  1. An adorable dog teepee

Okay maybe you don’t need this one–but look how cute it is! Nap time has never been more fabulous. 

  1. A personalized blanket to be used during those nap times

At least your pup can snuggle in style while you answer all of those emails.

  1. A bone-shaped baking pan for making DIY dog treats

Now is the perfect time to try out your baking skills and make your bff some delicious treats!

  1. A sloth plush toy that’s a little more durable than your average plush toy

Give your dog a new friend to hang out with during those work hours!

  1.  A BarkBox subscription to ensure there’s always something new and exciting for your furry friend to play with

A new box of fun every month? Yes. Please.

Quarantine can be tough, but we hope these recommendations help you out. Stay safe and give your dog lots of love from all of us here at The Animal Pad.

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