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Don’t shop, ADOPT!

Why Adopting from a Shelter is Better than a Breeder

Do you know there are over 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the United States? Do you also know that just six to eight million are in shelters? Only 20 percent of pet owners adopt from shelters. This means that the majority adopt from breeders.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. For years, it’s one that has been buried by people using animals for profit through puppy mills, breeders, or pet stores.


Why the Secrecy with Shelter Animals?

The main reason many breeders and pet shop owners are keeping the “shelter secret” is because they want to take advantage of your desire to be a purebred pet parent – don’t be a sucker! Many wannabe pet parents are willing to fork out massive amounts of money to get that perfect purebred. Some individuals manipulate potential pet owners out of their hard-earned cash because of greed; displaying blatant disregard for animal welfare. Purebred dogs that need a home can be found in shelters all over America. 

That frenchie you’ve been dreaming of might be in the shelter just a few minutes from your house as opposed to a backyard breeder in Ohio that claims, “it was an oops litter, we promise!” Your neighbor’s high energy goldendoodle that they bought from a breeder may have a sister at the local animal rescue. As opposed to paying someone over $2,000.00 for that non-shedding fluffer, you could be saving the life of a dog who’s family surrendered it because of a move or they decided they weren’t quite ready for that four-legged Christmas present. (BTW, please do not give animals as gifts!!!) If you’re looking for a beautiful, purebred mastiff, and everyone around has said you will never find that kind of dog in a shelter, THINK AGAIN! First hand, we have had not 1 but 2 mastiffs weighing in at 150 lb each of pure love. 

Approximately 1.5 million animals die in America’s shelters each year. Your potential furry, best friend could be euthanized because you didn’t give a rescue a chance. 

Do Your Breeder Research!

When we refer to “reputable” breeders, it’s to differentiate between those that breed animals “responsibly,” and those that don’t. A lot of consumers don’t do adequate research prior to purchasing their new four-legged family member, and as a result, end up buying their new best friend from cruel puppy mills. Others rely on the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) inspection certification to ensure that the dogs they purchase are purebred and don’t come from an abusive background. However, an exposé into the AKC’s inspection program revealed that many of these certified breeders subject their dogs to puppy mill-like conditions as well.  Puppies crated, surrounded by fur and feces in a dark basement, a radio turned up loud to diminish the barking dogs, and malnourishment with deformities are just some of the conditions these poor pups endured. Some of these pups even were euthanized, due to the breeder’s inhumane neglect. So if you still insist on purchasing from a breeder, please, please, PLEASE do your research!

 5 Reasons to Adopt from a Shelter

If we haven’t convinced you yet, below are more reasons to rescue your future fur baby:

  1. When you rescue, you are saving an animal’s life. Did we mention 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year?
  2. You’ll save money when adopting from a shelter. Adoption fees are  way less costly than breeders or pet shops. The fees also help cover the cost of spaying and neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping. Many also offer free, initial vet visits, after adoption.
  3. You get to choose from a variety of breeds, mutts, and ages. A younger dog might be a better fit for your family. An high energy, adult dog might be more conducive to an active lifestyle. A lapdog might be the perfect find.
  4. You’ll help fight against for-profit, inhumane puppy mills and pet stores.
  5. You can get an already trained pet! Rescues are usually sheltered because of human circumstances such as divorce or a move. Several pups are already house – trained, can walk on a leash, know a few tricks, etc. Shelter volunteers also work with dogs, to maintain their manners or learn new ones.

Rescuing your new furry friend can instill a sense of pride and excitement for you and your family. The wagging tail and wide smile that greets you everyday will make all the difference in your pup’s and your life for years to come.