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Tappy Tail: Charlie, now CHUCK!

CHARLIE, still kinda Charlie now CHUCK

This little terrier mix dude was discovered by one of the TAP volunteers amongst the sea of doggos because he was very vocal about wanting to get on out of Mexico and into the US. Chuck has the ability to make his needs known very well with his impressive howls. At the time, he was about 2 years old and almost invisible under his mop of matted hair. He also had bad skin allergies which caused him to have a few hot spots on his skinny body.

TAP saw potential in this guy and knew they had to bring him back. He was fostered with a few additional dogs at the time so he was well adjusted to play. He was figuring out being a dog for a little while and once finally comfortable and confident, he grew into a very social and happy dog. He was brought to an adoption event of TAP where one of the volunteers had seen him on their Instagram page and fell in love with him, therefore spent the entire event fawning over his grumpy guy face. It was agreed upon to do a foster to adopt but really, Chuck had this in the bag.

After a short while of fostering, Chuck was adopted by myself, Jamie and Jim! After much hard work with diet changes and supplements, Chuck finally put some meat on his bones, pep in his step, and a whole lotta fluff on his back. He now lives like an absolute prince in San Diego and is likely to be seen strutting around your local brewery, dog beach, hiking trail or festival.

Aside from being the life of the party, Chuck loves to hike, swim, chase birds, throw his own toys, and the best of all, be a foster brother to his Ensenada family. Chuck has started being the best foster brother to other TAP dogs and helps them get more confident in the whole learning to be a dog process just as other dogs did for him. He has successfully played and parted with Berry, now Ficus & Iggy, now Griffey.

A few words from Prince Chuck: I know my devilishly good looks can charm you out of your socks but believe it or not, i once was not this handsome. My TAP fam found me at rock bottom and I’ve heard that’s when you know who your friends are, and they were just that! My buddies at TAP got me looking so fresh and so clean, clean so I could find my awesome furever home and I could never show my amount of gratitude. I mostly cant show it because I dont speak human but also I have chronic grumpy face so I’ll just have to kiss you to death to let you know. I love my new life, I go everywhere and still do my sweet street hops when I see something I like, wanna sniff or just overall, feel like putting on a show. We, shelter dogs have so much love and entertainment to give and we just need 1 person to see the potential in us. I am the ultimate pal around town, people, kids, and EVEN, cats like to hang with me. My favorite brewery is Amplified and my absolute favorite spot to play, is Fiesta Island off leash dog park.

I plan to convince my hoomans to be a forever foster because I gotta help my bruddas and sistas out and pay it forward! Shout out to Griffey and Ficus homies-started from the bottom, now we here, now the WHOLE TEAM in here! I hope I can foster bro to like a million doggos because life is just better with more dogs, period. I love my pawrents so much & my great story, I hope to be apart of many more happy tails! Stay tuned for my future adventures with adoptable fosters & follow me on insta @whatsup_chuckk. Truth be told, I always belonged among the wildflowers. High fives all around for the Happy Tails!!