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Sponsor a Dog

Many people don’t know that we have a sister shelter in Ensenada, Mexico, a shelter that is the only chance for hundreds of homeless, ill-treated and abandoned dogs.

TAP visit this shelter and take dogs as often as funds allow. Immediate veterinary care is given, then foster homes are found, rehabilitation begins and eventually every one is adopted out to a new family.

You have a chance to actually SEE results for your donation or fundraising efforts. You can be personally responsible for bringing a dog from Ensenada to San Diego for inclusion in the TAP family.

What does
sponsoring cover?

All we ask is that you meet us halfway on the cost of the rescue, transportation and care of ‘your’ dog. Either donate or fund-raise ¢250 using the link on this page, and we will have your dog pulled from the shelter, transported to San Diego and ensure it is given the BEST new life a dog can have. We already have so many success stories and the more sponsors we can get the more dogs we can save. See our Instagram and Facebook for updates on LIVE dog rescues and become an angel to one of these souls!

If you would like to get in touch directly, please email: info@theanimalpad.com

Yes, please bring a Very Important Pup to the USA for me! A one-time donation of $250 will save a dog from the Ensenada shelter.

We first visited Ellos son la Razon in 2016 and were horrified at the shocking lack of support and funding this shelter receives…Many have experienced extreme neglect or cruelty..but to see these terrified souls become happy healthy dogs makes our hearts swell and we are proud to be able to give them the chance they deserve. The more dogs we can get sponsors for the more we can rescue”.