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Izzy’s Journey with Dogs & Ever Green Cloth™

I should start by saying that I am not a writer…. But I am a DOG LOVER! One of my favorite topics to talk about is dogs and I have had dozens of dogs throughout my life. Here is my story…

Born and raised in Mexico City, I grew up seeing many street dogs that were starving and looking for someone to love and feed them. Every neighborhood had the “local” dogs and even though families would leave food for them to not die of starvation, they were not being adopted or cared for properly. Why? I think because not everyone had the financial resources or space to care for a dog, or because they were afraid the dog would be aggressive or have some sort of disease. Regardless of the reason, it was very sad to see so many vagabond dogs. It was even sadder to then find them injured or sometimes dead on the side of the road.

So throughout my life in Mexico, we rescued many dogs, from helping stray dogs get healthy and adopted by a loving family, to dogs that somehow escaped their home and lost their way back to their family.

I developed a special bond and love for dogs, caring and helping whenever I could. This included adopting, donating, and now promoting our eco-friendly products to help support organizations like The Animal Pad; organizations that dedicate their entire efforts to helping dogs in need, educating society and, frankly, just doing good for these beautiful animals.

Having a puppy or a dog means fun, cuddling, and loving times… but it also means big messes, training, and grooming. It means a lot of unexpected expenses from adoption & registration fees, vet visits, food, flea medications, grooming, toys, and so on.

As part of my love for animals and our planet, I am an advocate for utilizing products that are better for the environment. Choosing natural and sustainable products when possible to reduce waste, promote reusable vs single-use products, and composting or recycling at the end of the product’s lifespan.

So, why not choose reusable and sustainable products when possible?  It was actually through the adoption of our latest amazing beautiful doggie, Marley The Eco Dog, where I realized how many paper towels we were going through, just to even clean a small water spill on the floor. I know, crazy right?  Even when I was not using paper towels and I was using rags; it bothered me that they were not eco-friendly, heavy and took forever to dry.

I was using the sponge cloths for my kitchen and home cleaning, yet I was not yet using them for our dogs. I figured, why not use them with Marley! So, I put them to the test, and I started using them instead of single-use paper towels. I realized that they not only worked great, but it was also super handy to keep one in every area where Marley spends a lot of time including the bedroom, living area, car, garage, you name it…. there is a sponge cloth with Marley’s name on it.

Here is a list of the many “dog” uses to which you can apply our eco-friendly reusable sponge cloth:

1)         Washing their food and water bowls

2)         Cleaning their paws after a walk outdoors

3)         Cleaning accidents 

4)         Wiping their nose & saliva from any surface: windows, doors, floors, refrigerator doors etc.

The best part is that after you do the clean-up, you can rinse and wash it directly in the sink and leave it to dry. Then you can toss it with your other cleaning rags into the washing machine. Literally, they can be washed and disinfected like any other rag. Just do not put them in the drier as they can shrink some as they contain cotton.

They are cheaper than paper towels (seriously!) and not to mention they are plain better for the environment.

Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed! Here’s a 10% off your entire order. Enter code: TAP10 at checkout.

Don’t forget that WE DONATE 10% of our profits from all purchases generated from this link to The Animal Pad. Help us by trying more sustainable products and choosing better for the environment while also helping doggies.

About Ever Green Cloth™ – Sponge Cloth

Our Ever Green Sponge Cloths, a.k.a. Swedish dishcloths are also ideal for any kind of mess clean-up. They are a hybrid between a sponge and a cloth (hence the name sponge cloth), made of natural cellulose + cotton. These are all-natural materials making the sponge cloth 100% compostable. The best part is that it replaces 17+ rolls of paper towels, synthetic sponges, and non-biodegradable rags (microfiber).

They are extremely durable and absorbent (20x its weight), and easy to care for. They can be washed in the washing machine and also disinfected (if needed). They dry extremely quickly to avoid bacteria growth.

Learn more at: EverGreenCloth.com

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