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Best Crystal Charms for Dogs

Like us, dogs can face many health problems; luckily, some of them can be relieved with alternative, natural methods. For example, crystals can ease the pain, separation anxiety, or hyperactivity of your beloved dog. In addition, crystals’ calming vibe can help him both physically and emotionally.
Using crystals for your dog’s wellbeing is simple. First, you may place a crystal under your favorite pet’s bedding so that the stone’s healing vibrations can get absorbed throughout the night. Next, you can set the crystals on that part of your dog’s body that has tensions or problems to drive in its benefits there! However, the simplest and cutest way is to buy a crystal charm to attach to your dog’s collar. This is a highly effective way to use crystals, as their energy will be with your dog all the time.

Here are some crystals we recommend for your dog:

Amethyst Charm to Calm Nervous Dogs:
Amethyst is an excellent crystal for us, and it’s no different for our dog’s. It’s a must-have crystal if you have an older dog.

As a powerful multipurpose healer stone, Amethyst can help with problems related to your dog’s digestion, heart, or skin problems. In addition, Amethyst can get rid of fleas in your dog.
Having an Amethyst cluster or geode in your dog’s living area will help your dog relax and deal with separation anxiety and panic attacks.
With an Amethyst charm on his collar, your dog will not only look cute, but it will be less stressed and anxious. The crystal’s soothing energy will calm the dog’s excessive barking or chewing.

Agate and Clear Quartz for a Smooth Training:
Agate has a powerful grounding yet gentle energy that awakens your dog’s inner healing capacity and adaptability to changes like travel or a new environment. In addition, Agate can help deal with sleep issues, fear, separation disorders, and anxiety.
If you want to help your dog to concentrate better during training, hang an Agate charm on his collar, as it opens up the channel of communication between your dog and the trainer.
Clear Quartz is another powerful crystal used by many dog owners during training as it enhances focus and improves communication with the trainer. Your dogs’ concentration will be sharper during training, thus he’ll be able to learn faster.

Smoky Quartz Charm for Physical Strength:
Smoky Quartz is a well-known grounding crystal that can help with swelling and disorders of the nervous system. In addition, Smoky Quartz eases your dog’s pain, strengthens the muscles, and aids in healing with various ailments related to the stomach, reproductive system, hips, and legs.
Smoky Quartz is a must-to-have crystal if you have more than one pet in your home. It will clear your home’s energy field and bring friendship among your squabble pets.

Pamper Your Dog with Mangano Calcite:
Mangano Calcite is another helpful crystal, especially if your dog is weak or lethargic. Pamper your dog after his training by giving a gentle massage with a calming Mangano Calcite palm stone or tower. This gentle stone can work wonders in your dog’s physical and emotional condition by releasing tight muscles, improving flexibility, and encouraging positive social behavior. It is one of the best stones to help your dog learn the right behavior around other pets.

Rose Quartz Charm for a Loving Connection:
Apart from its properties that improve cordiality, Rose Quartz is also used to heal injury and calm stressed dogs. Suppose your dog is not the friendliest animal in the neighborhood.

In that case, the calming, loving energy of the Rose Quartz can undoubtedly help your dog learn to accept companionship with no hesitation or fear. In addition, Rose Quartz crystal can make the introduction of a new pet to your home a smooth, less stressful process. Let your dog wear a Rose Quartz charm to absorb the crystal’s peaceful energy that dispels unwanted behaviors such as aggression, nervousness, fear, or anxiety.

Carnelian Charm for Your Dog’s Emotional Balance:
Carnelian can help your dog release tensions, anger, envy, nervousness, or fear. You just need to hang a Carnelian charm on your dog’s collar to bring in the energy of happiness, courage for your beloved dog.
Carnelian is a strongly revitalizing and regenerating stone; it can be an excellent stone when your dog is old, seems to be sluggish with low energy, or have a weak immune system. Having a Carnelian charm on your dog’s collar can also help if your dog has skin problems.

Tips for better results:
Introduce your dog gently to new crystal charms, sometimes they can be sensitive to certain crystals‘ energy and find them overwhelming.
Cleanse and recharge the crystal charms at least once a week. We recommend placing your dog’s charm in a Selenite bowl for a few hours, to properly cleanse and recharge it.

About the author: Xenia Mateiu is the owner of The Village Rock Shop, a local gift shop in Carlsbad, California, selling crystals, gemstones, unique handmade items, and locally sourced products.