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Animal Rescue Myths Debunked: We Have Purebreds!

Jessica Arguelles for TAPACT

Did you know – purebred dogs need rescuing too! While we love our Mexi-mutts here at The Animal Pad, we’re here to debunk a common myth about the dogs that find their way to animal rescues every day. Whether you’re in the market for your favorite dog breed or one that suits your family’s needs, purebred dogs ARE available for adoption. While they may need some extra love, you can find your perfect dog breed here at The Animal Pad waiting to come home with you!

Don’t believe us?  Here are some of the furry friends who’ve stumbled into our rescue over the years – while they may have found their forever home, there are plenty more where they came from!

Buick – Saint Bernard

Photo (@theanimalpad on Instagram)

A Beethoven-worthy dog, here at The Animal Pad! Buick was found wandering across the Ensenada streets, filthy but wearing a bandana. We’d hoped he was following a beloved owner but found him dropped outside the shelter of our event partner with the same dirty bandana. We were told someone had dropped him off during the night, and it felt way too much of a coincidence to see him again, the very next day, 20 mins away from where we originally spotted him.  We got him a groom and a new bandana to start his new life. He was just over 100lbs, at least 60lbs underweight, but full of so much love! Buick the gentle giant had some work ahead of him, but we made sure to get him to a loving home.

Cayman – Golden Retriever

Photo (@theanimalpad on Instagram)

Meet Cayman! This big, happy girl came into The Animal Pad with thyroid issues and a whole lot of weight to lose! While she may wobble around carrying all that weight, she had the spirit of a four-month-old puppy. Don’t be confused by her sugar face, this golden has a mountain of energy and love to share. While she may not be AKC standard, she has all the qualities of everyone’s favorite family dog. With a little love (and a lot of walks), dogs like Cayman can live a long and happy life in your family home!

Luna – Husky

Photo (@theanimalpad on Instagram)

Luna is a 6-year-old husky, weighing in at 70 lbs. Recent labs and tests showed she was in great health— The vet even commented on her temperament being one of the best she has ever seen in the breed. Luna is beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside. She has a heart of gold! She was relinquished by her owners because they became homeless and could no longer provide a safe home for her to thrive in. We were certain that we could find her a loving home that would give her all the care to keep her happy and healthy! 

Benny – Basset Hound

Photo (@theanimapad on Instagram)

Benny the Basset, here to remind you that you CAN find the purebred dog of your dreams in rescue! You might have to be patient. You might have to look a little harder. But you can do it, and you can make a conscious decision to save a life! He came to us from Mexicali after his owner died, leaving him homeless. He’s about 5 years old and as dopey as they come. Friendly with everyone and everything, dogs like Benny need a foster/adopter who will be understanding of the major life transition he is going through in losing a loving owner and be ready and willing to take that place

Saint Bernard Puppies!

(@theanimapad on Instagram)
While we love a good senior dog rescue story, we also have puppies! Here are some “mini Buicks” that found their way to our doorstep after being relinquished by their breeder. These pups came from a large litter and unfortunately had the heartbreaking Parvo. While we were not equipped for this type of quarantine situation, we suited up in PPE, Grey’s Anatomy style and all, and got to work. The minor inconvenience was worth keeping the pups, and all the dogs in the TAP family safe and healthy.

If you are interested in seeing available purebred dogs at The Animal Pad, check out our adoption page or apply to be a foster. While purebred dogs are not always available, you’ll be the first to know when your dream dog arrives!