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Adoptable: Yuki

Age: 8 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Shih Tzu mix

Weight: 24 lbs

Personality: Yuki is wary of strangers but will warm up to people with a bit of chicken and patience on the human's side. Yuki is a mellow guy who loves to nap next to you and lounge in the sun. Yuki is content to sleep the day away near his person but is also up for playing with stuffed animals and fetching! Yuki does well on leash but is quick to warn you that strangers are nearby. He has some barrier frustration, but is generally very easy going once he has warmed up to you. He loves going for car rides and is a great passenger, although drive thru cashiers may be startled at his sudden alerting. Yuki does well with other dogs. He is polite enough to leave old grumpy dogs alone but will play with young energetic pups. He does not resource guard his person, but does show some food guarding tendencies. It would be safest to feed separately. Needs a home with no children or older children who will treat him with respect and give him space as needed. If you have some chicken and just two days of patience, you will be rewarded with so much love. Yuki is an easy dog, he is crate trained, potty trained, and walks well on leash. He is generally a gentle, mellow guy with great house manners. He has a case of stranger danger, but can be redirected when he is reacting. Yuki loves hanging out with his human, but does well when left alone. He will sleep until you return and greet you wholeheartedly. Yuki takes a little bit to warm up to his person, but once you earn his trust, you will find that no one else will look at you with as much love in their eyes as Yuki.

Education: Good with bathroom and leash training

Favorite Activities: Napping, cuddling, chewing tags and eyeballs off stuffed animals, fetch, sun bathing. He's also extremely dog friendly

Looking for: A sweet person or family who can give him space, be patient with him and respect/ advocate for his boundaries while he learns to trust humans. Ideally older and respectful kids are ok, and so are dogs.

Adoption Fee: $ 350

I was found in the desert in my deceased owner’s car with him. 🙁 I was finally rescued from a shelter.

My adoption fee is $350 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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