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Adoptable: Peg

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Spayed Terrier mix

Weight: 25 lbs

Personality: Peg is a very sweet and affection-seeking girl, as she just loves belly rubs and kisses.

Education: Peg is house-trained and crate-trained and is currently working on leash training. She is learning how to walk on the sidewalk, as she tends to be fearful of loud noises or sudden moves, but she will walk on the beach, around the lake, or anywhere where there aren’t cars, just fine. She is learning how to play fetch and with other doggies, and she is working on trusting humans. Once she warms up to you, though, she is the sweetest girl.

Favorite Activities: Peg loves snuggling and being loved! She loves going on walks but is still working on mastering her leash-training.

Looking for: Peg is a sweet and affectionate girl who deserves a loving, nurturing, and patient home! Because she has an average energy level, she would do best in a mellow, not-too-active home. As far as other doggie siblings are concerned, Peg would be okay with others who are her size or smaller, just as long as they give her the time to warm up and get comfortable around them. It’s unknown as to how she would do around kitties, but kiddos are probably a no (unless they are much older) since she would probably get too overwhelmed with younger ones running around.

Adoption Fee: $ 350