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Adoptable: Bubba

Age: 4 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: American Eskimo mix

Weight: 25 lbs

Personality: He is deaf but this doesn’t stop him from learning sign language hand signals. Such as: touch, sit, and spin in circles. He is a sweetheart who follows cues well and is quite quiet! He is very enthusiastic with a lot of energy, and feeds off the energy of people and dogs around him. So he can just play a whole lot, or just snuggle n nap.He is learning socialization with good manners and to meet dogs with a gentle intro rather than just playful lunges. He hasnt been around kids yet but is curious.

Education: Progressing rapidly with bathroom, crate and leash training. Will need puppy lessons, and already has picked up some basic cues with sign language.

Favorite Activities: Chewing on bones, playing with his foster brother, watching tv, walks, and playing fetch (he is the best he brings the ball back and drops it right away).

Looking for: A loving home with another small to medium dog or no dog either as long as he is getting attention from someone. He would be good with kids who understand that he is a puppy who is teething. He would love an active home but he can adapt to one that isn’t as active as long as he can get out from time to time on walks or go to the park he doesn’t need a ton of exercise though around the block is good for him.

Special needs: He is deaf and has an eye injury that seems to be healed but still visible. He is using eye ointment to keep his eye lubricated. The Opthalomologist said no surgery needed at this time.

Adoption Fee: $ 600