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6 Apps for First-Time Dog Owners

Image courtesy of Rawpixel

:Guest Article by Tyler Evans of Dogzasters.com.

If you’re a long-time dog owner, you already know that caring for a pet is more than just regular feedings and belly rubs. However, if you’re getting a dog for the first time, you may just be finding out about everything that’s involved. Caring for a pet means anticipating all aspects of their needs, from nutrition and health care to safety and training.

Don’t forget that being a great pet owner isn’t just about buying dog food, wrangling your pooch into the bath, routine vet visits, or splurging on fun gear like a doggy bike trailer for fun times and a cute photo op. It’s also about getting vital information quickly, and that’s where the latest apps come in. With your phone in hand, you’ll have access to the top pet apps — so get ready to be the best dog owner ever.


FitBark is a pet health tracking device that fits easily onto your dog’s collar. It monitors the following factors: your dog’s sleep quality, activity levels, the number of calories your dog burns, and how far they travel. The FitBark2 comes with a battery upgrade that’s good for six months — which means that it can record what’s going on with your pup for the equivalent of 3.5 dog years without having to change the battery. 

Don’t overlook yourself during this time as well! If you’re going to keep up with your pet, staying in shape is very important. So, download an app (such as LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer) that offers up workout plans and schedules so your new pooch won’t leave you in the dust!


An online retailer of pet supplies since 2011, Chewy provides products from over 1000 brands in food, health and nutrition, toys, and pharmacy. Some of its top brands are American Journey, Hill’s Science Diet, and Greenies. In addition to being able to contact the company 24-7, Chewy’s convenient Autoship app allows you to place orders and have your supplies delivered straight to your door.


One of the leaders in pet health and location tracking, Whistle has a smart pet device that tracks your dog’s location, activities, health, and wellness. The device allows you to set fitness goals for your dog based on his weight, breed, and age. It also tracks the number of calories burned, the distance your dog travels, and how long he’s active. It even breaks down how much time is spent doing specific activities such as walking, running, playing, and gives you a visual of what’s going on around your pooch. Finally, it produces wellness reports that track and analyze potentially problematic behaviors such as scratching and licking.


If you’re a new pet owner, this all-in-one pet resources app is just the thing to keep you informed on everything you need to provide for your pet. ScritchSpot provides access to the pet parent community, you can save and share pet records, you’ll be able to find a pet sitter, and you can even look up product reviews. You’ll also have access to dog training information, pet care, and ScritchSpot’s new pet guide.  


Lastly, PupTox is an online crowd-sourced dog toxicity list of over 250 substances that are toxic to dogs. This is a great app to use when you need to see if the ingredients you’re going to put into your homemade dog food are good for your pup, or even to check if that plant your dog just ate will cause them problems. The app is updated regularly and allows users to make their own suggestions.

There is so much to learn, being a new dog owner can be pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s an app for every area of dog care. There are terrific resources available to help you acquire all the goods, services, and other things your pup will need to remain happy and healthy throughout his lifetime.

Sit. Stay. Grow

Just like children, raising a dog sometimes takes a village as well. Whether you need to schedule a dog sitter, walks, potty breaks, or even a pet taxi to take your furry one to the vet, groomer, or daycare, Sit. Stay. Grow. has an app that lets you quickly schedule the services you need, make payments, and get real-time updates via pictures and report cards to let you know how your pup is doing.