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10 Reasons Quarantine is the Perfect Time to Foster or Adopt a Dog

: Jamie Kirshner, for TAP

  1. If you’re a human being with a pulse, chances are you’re sick of the people in your home. If you live alone you’re probably sick of the fact that you’re quarantining alone. Add some excitement by fostering or adopting a shelter dog!
  1. Due to the constant loneliness, you’re serotonin has made a break for it and attempted to escape to some Covid-free country. You know what gives you serotonin? A dog. 

Don’t even try to tell me this face didn’t bring you some bona fide, Marie Kondo *joy*

  1. It’s a choose your own adventure. Worried about having a dog when you go back to work? Foster. Want to finally commit to a four-legged friend? This is the perfect time to bond with your fur baby and get them settled in their new family life. 
  1. Are you glued to your computer screen? Have you binge-watched every true crime series Netflix has to offer? Having a dog around gives you the perfect reason to get outside everyday (with a mask!) and get some exercise. A game of fetch is a great way to get you out of the quarantine slump. 
  1. But those movie nights you’ll inevitably have will be a whole lot better with an extra cuddle buddy around.
  1. You can use this time to teach your new pal some fun tricks to keep you entertained.

I taught my dog “spin” and how to circle through my legs. Completely pointless. 11/10 would still recommend purely for entertainment purposes. 

  1. A dog would give you a reason to get back on a schedule. We all know sleeping until 1:00 pm isn’t the greatest thing we can do. If you’re going to have an alarm clock, it might as well be this cute, right?
  1. They won’t judge you for your quarantine style. Your dog doesn’t care that you’ve worn those sweatpants 4 days this week! It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like as long as you have treats.
  1. We’ve all had some sort of breakdown during quarantine. If you haven’t dyed your hair 15 different colors or cut bangs that shouldn’t  be cut, you’ve at least thought about it. If you haven’t eaten an entire thing of double-stuffed Oreos by yourself in a single sitting—you’re lying. Make your breakdown a positive thing by rescuing a dog! It’s a win-win! 
  1. Lastly—do it because they need your help. There are so many dogs that need foster or forever homes. If you have the chance and the love to give, please consider bringing a dog home. Who knows…you may find your new best friend!

The Animal Pad is here to help you find your new best friend. Check out adoptable dogs at the website here: www.theanimalpad.org. Donations are always needed and greatly appreciated as well.