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Adoptable: Punkin

Age: 4 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Terrier-Rhodesian ridgeback mix

Weight: 50 lbs

Personality: He is in quite a shutdown state and will need patience while he blossoms. He is such a sweetheart with people he has opened up with!

Education: Good with bathroom and will be working on leash training. A secure yard is better for him than a walk in the scary world. Isolation anxiety needs help.

Favorite Activities: He likes to just hangout/cuddle with his dog friends and his trusted people. He does like to get scratches and give kisses as well! He has a new found love for soft toys in the yard!

Looking for: A mellow home with patience and plenty of time to decompress. A secure yard will be helpful. A confident gentle dog will help him a lot. Only older and respectful kids, please.

Special needs: Prozac (~$10 per month) to help manage his general anxiety.

Adoption Fee: $ 300

Let’s be Punkin’!

Hey friends! It’s me, Punkin! I am a 4 years old, neutered male terrier-rhodesian ridgeback mix and weigh about 50 lbs. My story is a tough one. I was brought from TJ in a pretty shut down state. I was, and still am, really scared. But I have opened up with the care team and they absolutely love me to bits! I have made friends with dogs too. I am taking Prozac for anxiety ~$10.00 for a months supply, depending on where purchased and market value. I am bathroom trained but isolation can make me anxious and I pee. For leash, that’s still some anxiety level away, and a secure yard will be better till I gain confidence.

Even in my shutdown state, I am absolutely sweet and show no aggression. I am working on building up my confidence and overcoming my extreme anxiety. Ideally is a quiet neighborhood with a yard where I won’t get spooked by loud noises and strangers/dogs constantly will help me. I am already opening up with the care team and they sing my praises! I have made dog pals too and they help me not get isolation anxiety. I dont like the crate and I will try to break out. Out of it, I am good! Once I have trusted you, I will turn into your lil shadow. The more time you spend with me, the deeper you will fall in love!

I will thrive in a mellow home, secure yard environment where someone allows me plenty of decompression time. I just need a gentle heart and some space to blossom. I need help with confidence building, desensitization training and absolutely no aversive tools ever. Only force free training all the way! I will do best with gentle and calm dogs who can show me the ropes. If there are kids, older and more respectful will be better. In this amazing world, will you be my pawtner? My adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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