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Adoptable: Oso: Courtesy Post

Age: 2-3 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Shepherd mix

Weight: 54 lbs

Personality: He is energetic. He is very loyal, lovable, and protective of his pack. He can get jealous and become whiny if you share your attention with other dogs. He is very handsome and lovable. He is very funny because although he is seemingly "intimidating" he truly is a sweetheart that loves people that are nice to him and his pack. He is good with car rides and has a very easy going and happy attitude. He can get scared with new things, but he adapts quickly once you coach him through it. He is very much so like a tiny bear.

Education: Working on bathroom and leash training

Favorite Activities: Loves to receive belly rubs, and receives undivided attention, run around.

Looking for: A home with no kids would be good since he is rather large and not so gentle. Having a large patio or a nearby open place to run around and de-stress would be fantastic. He is used to being alone but accompanied by other dogs.

Adoption Fee: $ 250

Background from her foster mama: He began roaming around my neighborhood along with a pack of 5 dogs. My family began giving them food and water since they were malnourished despite having collars on. We think they came from an abandoned ranch since there are many around where I live in Tijuana. After a few months, the dogs began to stay overnight and on rainy days in my garage. Out of all his pack, he is the most handsome (in my opinion hahaha), he would stand guard the most when the pack slept outside and he was the one that kept the most distance apart from the leader. Since we began to receive threats from our neighbors of calling the hound to get rid of the dogs since they would chase people walking with their dogs that passed by my house. We decided it was time to grab the rest of the pack (since we placed 1 and a puppy they brought to their forever homes) and do everything possible for them to be adopted, he is now staying with a vet so he can be neutered and fully vaccinated.

Please contact the foster mama at gomezinowesofia@gmail.com or fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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