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Adoptable: Odette

Age: 11 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic shorthair / Black and White Tuxedo

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Personality: Odette is shy when she first goes to a new home, but quickly warms up and is relaxed. She is very sweet and calm, and just wants to be involved in what is going on. She doesn’t ask for attention, but loves to accept pets! She is currently part of a pack in her foster home, and let’s everyone know when she is ready to be fed! She is very food driven and loves her wet flaked morsels or pate canned variety food. Very calm, docile lady, that loves to be pet, and will cuddle if you are patient. She loves other animals(dogs and cats) and people and kiddos. Knows how to meow to get her way, and she will let you know when the food bowl is running low.

Education: Litter box trained

Favorite Activities: She likes to just be around her humans and get bullhead scratches, doesn’t show much interest in toys. Likes to lay on her cat condo, or perched atop the couch arm to watch everyone. Loves being talked to and given attention!

Looking for: A mellow home would be best but she is very adaptable. She doesn’t play very much with toys and doesn’t seem to run around so would be perfect for someone in a small apartment that needed a companion or family who had a lot of attention to give :) This lady would be good in a home that is a little more relaxed, she loves kids and animals

Special needs: She has beginning symptoms of Feline stomatitis and just had a full dental cleaning completed to address gingivitis. When all of her adult teeth come in, she will be a candidate for full mouth tooth removal, if needed due to any pain or inflammation seen in the mouth. Right now, she is eating well, gaining weight and takes a daily probiotic powder with her food to support her GI system.

Adoption Fee: $ 100