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Adoptable: Mamba: Courtesy Post

Age: 11 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Weight: 35 lbs

Personality: "Highly food and play motivated! (LOVES to be rewarded with treats or favorite toys) Extremely intelligent and fast to learn!—Mamba often nails the concept of new commands and tricks within a day. We just started training “search,” which she understood in less than half an hour! Her level of intelligence is vastly impressive, and she thoroughly enjoys the process. We make it FUN!! She is still young and has loads of puppy energy still. She is compatible with playful, well-trained dogs with similar energy. Her best playmates have been Corgis and Jack Russell Terriers so far. We have avoided larger breeds since her attack. However, she is still eager to approach and play with every dog she sees with excitement. We are continuing training with positive reinforcement and reward to work on subdued, calm behavior around any dogs. She is not allowed to approach random stranger dogs ever. Engagement is only permitted under supervised, controlled environments where all dogs are on a lead and introduction has been performed properly and safely. She is not, and should not be, allowed off leash activity in public spaces until her recall is mastered. Does great in a car and on long rides! Was an awesome companion and sidekick while we experienced van life for a few months together! She behaves well on a plane, and has been on several passenger flights, never in cargo. She is not fiercely territorial, but she does alert bark when someone approaches the front door or backyard gate. I have observed that she also will alert bark when men approach too closely that she has not been introduced to. (She does not growl or snarl.) The barking is not incessant, and she quiets down when told. I crate trained Mamba, but she has outgrown her crate and no longer uses it. Her cue to go inside her crate is “go home,” in case she needs a reminder if you decide to use one. She will go to either the door to the front or back yard and alert that she needs to go potty. She will make a noise that sounds almost like a low moan, but does not bark or whine to signal she needs to go. She is able to hold her urine and bowel movements through the night up until 9:30 AM, this is her typical maximum late time in the morning that she can hold it, but will go earlier with ease. *Please be advised. It is quite difficult to get her to relieve herself indoors, or even on a potty pad. I discovered this at the airport. She doesn’t understand the concept of relieving herself on anything inside, and can result in a full on accident if there is no access to an outdoor space. We have only had this happen in airports. "

Education: Good with bathroom and leash training. Mamba has also never lived with small children or babies, but will be an excellent family dog from the start with older children, adolescents, and teenagers. Although she was attacked by a large dog at 4 months, she is still very excited and eager to play with trained and socialized dogs in a supervised situation. Stray cats trigger Mamba's prey instinct naturally, and has never been exposed or socialized to live with a pet cat. Ideal candidates looking to adopt should be well trained and educated on how to introduce new dogs to cats and be knowledgeable about canine/feline interactions and behavior.

Favorite Activities: LOVES training and mental enrichment exercises as a highly intelligent girl! Good on car rides, playtimes. Catch! Catch! Catch! This pup's favorite activity is to play catch and fetch with her beloved tennis balls! Loves long walks with lots of stimulating sniff time! She likes to say good morning with CUDDLES, and is the best little spoon I've ever met! She enjoys extra special attention like paw rubs, body massages, and scratches behind the ears.

Looking for: Mamba needs a loving, permanent, and stable home free of risk, fear, and worry of re-homing or surrendering. We have worked hard to create trust with forward progress, and she needs consistency and a full commitment to her well being. She needs someone who can provide regular attention and stimulation with available time and dedication to doing so. The best case scenario forever home will be with loving and responsible pet owners that enjoy an active lifestyle and the outdoors.

Adoption Fee: $ 250

Background from the foster mama:

Mamba was rescued as a young pup in Mexico in deplorable conditions. She has been fostered, rehabilitated, vetted, and trained. Mamba is a petite 10-11 month old, spayed female, brindle Mixed Breed who weighs only 35 lbs! She is super sweet but can be a wee bit shy at first towards strangers, especially towards men, but she warms up quickly with the help of your patience, time, and lots of yummy treats. Mamba is still a young pup who loves to play and go on walks! She loves to romp around and play with other medium sized dogs. She is 100% house trained, is crate trained but is very well behaved and does not need one, walks great on leash, and rides beautifully in the car, she’s even great on airplanes! Mamba is SUPER duper smart and eager to please. She knows 25+ tricks and behavioral commands, she is super treat and play motivated so it makes training her a breeze! She’s very affectionate and loves to be pet and rubbed all over. Mamba has received and is up to date on all her series of puppy vaccines including rabies. She received her last flea, tick, heartworm treatment during her most recent vet visit in April (Simparica – monthly oral), and is free of internal and external parasites. Her sterilization and final set of puppy series shots were administered in October. She is currently registered in San Bernardino county and has an international microchip. Mamba started her nutrition recovery on a partial raw and kibble diet, but has since fully transitioned to mostly organic home cooked meals. If switching to kibble please introduce the transition slowly and do due diligence and research as dogs have very sensitive digestive systems.

Mamba currently eats measured portions calculated for her weight and thoroughly enjoys the following: Major Proteins Organic grass-fed lean ground beef (85% / 15% or 90% / 10%) – no antibiotics or hormones or additives Organic chicken thighs – no antibiotics, hormones, or additives Organic pasture raised eggs – no antibiotics, hormones, or additives Organic bison (can be found at Walmart) Organic ground turkey (93% lean) Carbs Boiled whole grain brown rice Organic canned 100% pumpkin Baked Sweet Potato Steamed Veggies and Fresh Fruits Broccoli (LOVES as a treat!!!) Spinach Carrots Beets Kale Cabbage (likes to shred and eat as treat enrichment, but give minimally…can cause gas and toots!) Blueberries Apples Extras Organic or 100% peanut butter without additives/artificial ingredients or fillers Coconut oil (for any pan cooked meals) Greek yogurt Sardines Organic raw unfiltered honey


Requires sufficient yard/outdoor space as this pup loves to spend time outside playing, relaxing, and sun bathing (candidates with apartments would not be an ideal living environment). This pup has spent time during her foster experience living on a farm, house, and van with lots of space and thrives!

Please contact her foster mama at lopez.sacha.m@gmail.com  or fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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