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Adoptable: Loosey

Age: 11 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Golden Doodle

Weight: 21 lbs

Personality: Loosey is so so sweet and cuddly after she starts trusting (takes a few days of decompression) that it's incredible! Her loyalty and love is unmatched. She is learning to enjoy car rides. She LOVES playing with balls and frisbees and playing with other dogs. Loves treats. Very anxious and nervous around kids, and gets spooked with quick movements and loud sounds. She has a huge smile when she is running with her foster brothers. She NEEDS dog siblings.

Education: Working on bathroom and leash training. Will need puppy lessons. Not yet used to a crate.

Favorite Activities: Walks with her foster brothers, playing with frisbees and balls, cuddling on the couch, getting belly rubs, playing and chasing other dogs.

Looking for: Loosey would positively thrive in a house with at least one other dog, preferably a couple dogs. Her foster brothers have really helped her come out of her shell and teach her how to be a puppy. She feels really safe with them and took her no time to feel like part of the dog squad. She would not do well with kids as they really scare her and make her nervous. A mellow household with somewhat active pups to keep her company and where she wouldn’t be alone too often would be best for her.

Special needs: It takes a while to warm up to new people, but once she has she is super loyal. Can be afraid of meeting new people outside of her home, working on socializing her. She should not be in a home with any children. She was an extreme flight risk when we first got her and she could not be off leash whatsoever. She is now great off leash, but Babs Fry who rescued her strongly believes her flight risk will be retriggered with the stress of going to a new home, so the adopters will have to be extremely careful until she is comfortable.

Adoption Fee: $ 1000

Loosey’s background: Loosey got out of adopters home and was unable to be caught. Babs Fry (the dog recovery expert) drove up to Nor Cal to set trap and successfully trap Loosey who had run away from home and was on her own in the wild for about 2 weeks. She had been through the wringer and was in very bad shape emotionally and physically. She has made remarkable progress in such a short amount of time and absolutely loves playing with her foster brothers and meeting new friendly dogs at the dog park.