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Adoptable: Cruella

Age: 4 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Weight: 31 lbs

Personality: She's a sweet, a bit shy, a major fan of cuddling! She loves other dogs and playing with her brother Hook. She can be really silly and loves playing hide and seek with her brother (she runs to hide under the couch and then jumps out to bite him on the tail and then pops back under the couch). She can be a little mouthy but easily redirected to a toy or chew. Very food motivated and smart. She now lets me know when she needs to go outside to go potty almost 100% of the time and she picks things up really quickly. She doesn't enjoy being left alone but settles in her crate more easily than her brother. She is medium to high energy.

Education: Working on bathroom, crate and leash training. Will need puppy lessons.

Favorite Activities: She loves food, playing with her toys, sitting in my lap, playing with other dogs, meeting people once she is comfortable

Looking for: A loving family committed to raising a puppy to be a good girl! She will be perfect for someone who wants an affectionate girly girl. She is a huge cuddler and would love all the attention.

Adoption Fee: $ 500