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Adoptable: Cooper: Courtesy Post

Age: 4 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Lab-Greyhound mix

Weight: 80 lbs

Personality: Energetic went outside, but he is able to quickly calm down when he comes in. He prefers to be around someone when possible. He needs attention and pampering or he will give you sad puppy dog eyes. He listens to basic commands and is currently working on roll over. He used to know bang bang but it seems he may have forgotten this so we will try to brush up on this.

Education: Good with bathroom, crate and leash training

Favorite Activities: Sleeping in bed with his human, playing fetch, learning tricks, taking showers, playing in the water outside.

Looking for: A loving, energetic home! He is good with kids, and lives currently with other dogs, but would love to be the only pet for all that attention, or have a slow intro to live with dogs. He is the most loving cuddly dog in the world. He loves spending time with his human just relaxing in bed, but he also loves hanging out outside playing fetch, going for walks, and playing in the water. He is a people pleaser at heart and loves love.

Adoption Fee: $ 250

More about this sweet boy: Spends outside as our guard dog watching for bobcats and coyotes. He sleeps inside every night in my 17 year olds bed under the covers sleeping on a pillow. He likes to sleep in until the afternoon and then goes outside. He enjoys running through our property chasing birds in the field, tennis balls, and sticks. He wears a blanket when it gets cold outside during the day and also has a heat lamp. In the summer time he likes to splash in his pool and relax with his human. He loves attention. Loves to be groomed, bathed and pampered. He’s even had his nails painted a few times.

His mama has had an accident unfortunately and will not be able to devote time and energy for the care he needs and seeks a family who can do full justice to her loving boy.

Please contact Brandee Ciarlanti <bciarlanti@gmail.com> for adoption.

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