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Adoptable: Buddy and Buttercup: Courtesy Post



Age: Buddy is 3-4 years old, Buttercup is 5-6 years old.

Gender: Buddy is male, Buttercup is female

Breed: Buddy is Dachshund/Corgi Mix and Buttercup is a Lab/Terrier mix.

Weight: Buddy is 27 pounds and Buttercup is 56 pounds.

Background:  These sweethearts were abandoned at a worksite, and it is believed that there was abused from the previous owner due to skittish nature and fear of loud voices.  They have been fixed. Both dogs tested positive for heart worms back in October 2023 and were treated, having their final treatment injections on 1/18/24. They have not been re-tested because it has not been enough time (supposed to wait 4 months but vet assured us 99.9% of treatments succeed). 

Personality: Buddy is super affectionate and loving to his humans, as well as to his pal, Butter Cup. He is looking to love hard and is wanting patience with himself. However, he can get pushy with his need for attention.  He can also get a little moody and particular about his ears/paws being touched and has the tendency to get aggressive and bite. With the right family, though, Buddy will make a great furever friend! He can be trained out of his anxieties with love and positive reinforcement. Buttercup is the epitome of a rollover dog where she will be underfoot and just turned over for tummy rubs, anywhere and everywhere! She is a snuggler, wants to be where her people are. She is super loving and happy go lucky kind of gal.

Education:  They are fully potty-trained, and semi leash-trained but making good progress in that area. Buttercup shows some separation anxiety and can work on it. Buttercup is food motivated but has been trained to sit till dinner is served. They both need slow intros with other dogs and adults only home.

Favorite Activities:  Buddy absolutely loves snuggling, as he enjoys nestling close to his person.  Buttercup just wants to be around people, and eat as much as possible!

Looking for:  Buddy needs a mellow and stable environment with a tried-and-true schedule he can follow on a daily basis.  Due to unpredictability with his biting, he should not be adopted by seniors, or to a family with young kiddos. Buttercup is a gentle and loving dog and will delight everyone! They will need to be adopted together for success.

Adoption Fee: $250

Please contact Tamara <tamarskeen@gmail.com> for more information and adoption.

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