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Adoptable: Batman and Robin: Courtesy Post

Age: Both of these super-pets are both between 3-5 years old.

Gender: Male

Breed: Batman is a Bombay cat and Robin is a terrier mix.

Weight: 8 and 40 (you can guess which is which) lbs

Personality: This dynamic duo is as chill as yin and yang. Batman (cat) is a no-stress, take-it-easy, friendly indoor cat who loves to be pet. He would lay on your lap or next to you and purrr away. He looks forward to his meals. Robin (dog) is good-natured and loves his walks. He enjoys a good belly rub. He will sit and look up at you with his big beautiful eyes that just melt you. Everyone who meets him quickly recognizes how calm and sweet he is!

Education: These super-smarties are litter and house-trained. Robin is leash and crate-trained. Robin can be hesitant when bigger dogs approach, but never aggressive.

Favorite Activities: Other than saving the city from villains, Robin loves to roll on his back on grass (fake or real). Then he does a super-stealthy belly crawl across the grass. He looks forward to his walks! Batman enjoys being pet and of course, meal time.

Looking for: These bonded buddies would make great pets for any loving human. Even after being abandoned, they stuck together and didn’t lose faith in humans as they are still oh-so affectionate. Batman would do well in a calm house where he could spend time with his owner/s on the sofa. Robin enjoys human companionship and daily walks. He can get along with other dog/s in the household if they have a similar calm temperament.

Adoption Fee: $ 250

Batman and Robin are a bonded pair.  They were abandoned when their family was evicted and left them behind to live on the street in a neighborhood of Mexico City.  They stayed together just outside the gate of their former home and after six months on their own, they were rescued by their present foster who was visiting the area. They were flown to San Diego and are now looking for their forever home.  Despite all their loss and hardship, they are still very loving.  Their sweetness is noticed by everyone who meets them!

Please contact Natalie at nattydef@yahoo.com for adoption.

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