Providing Your Senior Pets with Proper Care on a Budget


About the Author: Nick Burtonis and his wife Mary recently lost their oldest doggo, Willie, a 15-year-old lab/terrier mix. They still find themselves listening for that characteristic grunt Willie made when he woke up in the morning, and turning on Willie’s couch heating pad for snuggles is a habit they still have a hard time breaking. Nick knows firsthand the ups and downs that come with caring and loving on a senior dog, and he hopes the tips you find in this article will help you make your dog’s golden years the absolute best.


Taking care of older animals is not very different from providing that care when they are younger. You may just need to keep some special considerations in mind to keep your aging companion animals comfortable. You may also want to use the following savings tips to keep your budget comfortable and reduce costs on the essentials you need to care for your older pet.


Shop Online and Save 


As animals age, they have changing needs when it comes to rest, nutrition, and even play. So, your senior dog may need a heated bed for aching joints or softer food for those sensitive senior teeth. No matter what you need to keep your senior dog healthy and content, you can fit it into your budget by shopping for the best pet supply deals at Kohl’s. You can use Kohl’s discount codes and promo codes to get the best deals possible to stock up on supplies you use the most. Another option is buying online at Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of senior dog foods that can help keep your aging pet strong and healthy. You can find more holistic brands or specialty foods to address a variety of concerns. Proper nutrition is so important for senior dogs since metabolism tends to slow, so make sure you have the right food for your aging pet.


Keep It Local to Reduce Care Costs for Older Dogs 


To keep your four-legged friends feeling their best during those golden years, you need to find a local vet you can really trust. Not only will this vet provide the best preventative care and treatment for your dog, but you may also be more comfortable asking for payment plans to make vet bills more affordable. Local vet offices have more power to offer installment plans, but you may also need to check into credit offers from companies like Care Credit to break those bills down into smaller, more easily manageable payments.


Keeping it local when you need someone to check on your senior dog and take care of those more frequent potty breaks can also help you save money. You can use an online search tools to easily find trustworthy, qualified pet sitters in your area. Some sitters even specialize in caring for senior pets and will dispense medications if needed. Speaking of pet meds, this is one vet care cost that can be reduced by shopping online. So, ask your vet for a prescription or referral to a pharmacy to avoid paying more than you need.


Look for Alternative Ways to Address Aging Pet Needs 


Having a supportive vet can help you better care for a senior pet, but it also helps to have a vet who is willing to think beyond traditional treatments and care. For example, many senior dogs suffer from pain and inflammation due to arthritis. You can treat this discomfort with prescriptions, but you may find more relief for your pet with more holistic treatments. Depending on your dog’s comfort level, you may want to try acupuncture, essential oils, or even massage therapy to relieve the pain and swelling from aging joints. These treatments can be a bit pricey, so do what you can at home. You could try a DIY dog massage to help reduce stiffness and pain for your pup. Exercising proper dental care habits, such as brushing those teeth and providing chew toys, is also a simple, natural way to reduce senior pet illnesses and keep your pup healthy and thriving throughout those golden years.


Senior pets are such special, patient and loving companions. So, provide that same level of patience and love when caring for your own senior dog. However, be sure that you use every trick you can to save on the supplies and costs of that special care so you will have more money left over to spoil your best friend with toys and treats.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Author: Nick Burton with his wife Mary are proud advocates for the rescue community and have dedicated their time and hearts to providing information to the community through their website