How to Get Your Dog Trained Perfectly


Dogs are the cutest and the most loyal pets anyone could ever ask for. They are truly adorable and energetic creatures that can win your heart with their delightful presence. There are well-suited pets for larger and smaller families alike and within families, they are a joy to have around kids throughout their upbringing. Getting a dog is easy but at times, the real struggle is training them. Just as you teach and train your kids about the basic house rules and how they should behave in public, you can train your dog too. You can teach it to sit in its dog house and how to be patient while food is being given. Essentially you can train your dog to do everything you want, all you need is patience and consistency throughout the process. Some basic tips and commands to assist in training your dog perfectly are outlined below:

Personal Space:

No matter how much your dog loves being around you, it might need someplace to rest peacefully and quietly at some point in the day. It is important to train your dog to know its place, i.e. a crate, from the very first day he comes home. To help him get used to it, you can place a comfortable pillow and some dog toys in the crate. Do not force your dog to get into it, rather, let them explore the place on their own. Once they will know that it is their happy place, you won’t even need to tell them to go there. Having their personal space will make your dog know about the limits that they have to abide by, and it will learn that everyone has a personal space that should not be intruded on.

Teaching the Basic Commands:

Once your dog is familiarized with your home and the environment, it’s time to teach some other basic commands. First, teach your dog to ‘come’ when called because this will be helpful in a dangerous situation and saves you from the trouble of running after it or putting a leash on it every time you take it out for a walk. Start by telling your dog to ‘come’ to you from a small distance and reward it every time he obeys you. Keep your body language open and friendly so that the training session won’t scare him away. Then, you can practice recall training by gradually increasing the distance until your dog has mastered it.

Likewise, teaching him to stay or sit is equally important. You can practice this by saying the command ‘stay or sit’ and then opening the palm of your hand which allows your dog to recognize the cue of what you are requesting him or her to do. If they obey the command, reward him or her with a treat. To reinforce the command, continue to increase the number of tries followed by a reward at the end. Likewise, you can teach your dog other basic commands and it learns to obey them by doing practice sessions on a daily basis.

Positive Reinforcement:

Positive reinforcement is the key to teaching your dog anything. By rewarding it every time it follows your lead, your dog can learn that through good behavior, he will get a treat. Dogs live in the moment and they forget instantly after something happens. So, if they are abiding by your rules, treat them quickly after good behavior so that they can learn obedience is what wins them a reward. Never reward your dog for wrong behavior because it will be confusing, and your dog won’t be able to differentiate between good and bad behavior. Ignore unwanted behavior instantly and have your dog perform a good behavior trick shortly thereafter so you continue to positively reinforce. End every practice session on a positive note and show your dog some affection by petting, hugging or playing with him. This will surely keep him happy and he will think of practice sessions as a fun activity.

Dogs are fasts-learners compared to other pets. Consistency and patience are crucial keys to success. Following these simple tips will surely help you train your dog perfectly and they will learn to be on their best behavior. You might find these practicing sessions boring but if you will put a gap in them your dog will forget all the training you have been doing. Do not rush the process, rather do it smoothly and regularly as ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Once your dog is trained as you desired, you will always enjoy and cherish its presence. Remember that they are lifelong family members and everything will become a lot easier for you!


Article written by Arlene Westscott,