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Mama Rosie

Mom's Estimated Age: 4 years

Mom's Breed: Lab mix

Mom's Weight: 35 lbs

Mom's Background: Mama Rosie came to us as a street dog from Tijuana with a terribly atrophied jaw - to the point where she couldn't even eat! The day after she became a TAP dog, she went into heat, which we happily assumed meant that she would never have to give birth to another litter of puppies. After 8 weeks in her foster home, receiving all the TLC that she so badly deserves, Rosie's belly was getting bigger and bigger, and her already abused nipples (from multiple previous litters) were getting fuller by the day. And what do you know - 1 week later she gave birth to her absolute LAST litter. Mama has already found her furever home with her original foster, but her 4 beautiful pups are now looking for their furever families.

Puppies' Birthday: 7/6/2021

Total in Litter: 4 puppies

Mama Rosie:

Available Puppies:

Bordeaux (male):


Please specify on your application if you are interested in a particular puppy, or open to any.

*Note: we do not adopt out siblings together in order to avoid the risk of littermate syndrome.

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