It’s a b(IG) day around here. That’s right, we are talking about the sweet and beautiful rapper Iggy. Iggy came from the Ensenada shelter completely matted and with a laceration to the left eye, which TAP thought may need a big surgery to fix.

Nonetheless, her sweet temperament and soulful eyes lured in the TAP team and she was brought back across the border in June. She spent her first few days in a kennel at Jay Bee’s getting to know what consistent meals and fun yard time was like, while sharing her home with Cardi B & Queenie. These gals were extra in all the best ways! When youd walk in to give them play time, they all had escape artist choreography & mad jumps on point like they rehearsed day in and day out.

The time came for Iggy to go to her foster care where she stayed for only 1 week! Needless to say, with that face, the American people couldn’t keep their paws off of her. Although she enjoyed her time with her temporary foster brother, Chuck (also a TAP alumni), she was so excited to get into her forever home.

When Iggy gets excited, she has a habit of getting happy feet where she bounces from one paw to the next in eager anticipation and that’s just what she did as she trotted up the stair case of her new home!

Iggy, now Griffey, was given to her new pawrents, Annie & Daniel on June 6th and they’ve been smitten as a family ever since. Griffey is so incredibly loved by her new owners & shows them that sweet, grateful face every time their eyes meet to return that good lovin!

Some words from Iggy: I never was quite sure I could be so good at this dog thing but dang I can get used to this spoiled life! Bless up, now I gots a super plush bed, a bajillion toys, hoomans who love to walk me around the neighborhood & also trips to this super kewl place that has a floor that like melts under my paws, I think the hoomans call it the beach. Also, my eye is getting better and better every day! Anyways, I still hate baths but I lurve to swim, hehe kinda silly but just as my old name goes – I’m so fancy, you already know! And by the looks of it, thats exactly how things are gonna stay. Paws up for my happy tail, griffey gal in the house and I’m all smiles!!