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Little Lizzo gal came from the ESLR shelter after being seen on a volunteer trip by one of our own TAP tribe. Kelsey saw this pup for all of the sweet, loving, and beautiful potential she had in her despite the dog’s respiratory difficulties while there. Lizzo sounded congested and had some nasal discharge that… Read more »


CHARLIE, still kinda Charlie now CHUCK This little terrier mix dude was discovered by one of the TAP volunteers amongst the sea of doggos because he was very vocal about wanting to get on out of Mexico and into the US. Chuck has the ability to make his needs known very well with his impressive… Read more »


BERRY/FICUS Being exposed to so many dogs on the regular leaves the animal pad folk constantly saying there’s a very good boy and there’s very good girl. They are the Oprah of the “good dog” phrase. Recently, we had the pleasure of a BERRY good boy. This curly headed sir from Ensenada was riddled with… Read more »


IGGY/Griffey It’s a b(IG) day around here. That’s right, we are talking about the sweet and beautiful rapper Iggy. Iggy came from the Ensenada shelter completely matted and with a laceration to the left eye, which TAP thought may need a big surgery to fix. Nonetheless, her sweet temperament and soulful eyes lured in the… Read more »