Author: Jamie


Little Lizzo gal came from the ESLR shelter after being seen on a volunteer trip by one of our own TAP tribe. Kelsey saw this pup for all of the sweet, loving, and beautiful potential she had in her despite the dog’s respiratory difficulties while there. Lizzo sounded congested and had some nasal discharge that at the time was worrisome.

With all that said, Kelsey had an immediate connection that she couldnt ignore. She approached one of the team members and hopeful, asked that if Lizzo improved she’d be interested in adopting her. Kelsey even took pictures of Lizzo and made them her computer desktop and phone’s homescreen to keep the hope of the little shelter dog alive until her condition was able to improve.

The dogs in ESLR are in close quarters with immunocompromised and unwell dogs as most do come from the streets with no one to look after their well being. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Lizzo got healthy and we at TAP believe Kelsey’s strength and hope were the extra helping hand to get her well enough to become a Jay Bee kennel resident in the good old USA.


Lizzo became an energetic, playful babe that every volunteer fell in major puppy love with. Once settled there, Kelsey came and left her shirt with the pup so that she would remember her when the big day came. This sweet story ended as a fairy tale once her quarantine at the kennel was up and Kelsey showed up to get her girl. Kelsey and the spotted black & white lady were given a stuffed toy celebration cake with something extra special written on it. Since then, Lizzo has been renamed SAMY and the 2 have been inseparable ever since.

A few words from the new & improved Samy: As Lizzo would say… I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% adopted! I was just a little lady behind the crate bars in Mexico having a tough time catching my breath when I caught the eye of my now mom, Kelsey. Thank goodness she spotted me and I used up all my energy to charm the shirt right off her back. It took a lot outta me but I gots it! She helped me realize I was a strong, independent woman and I could get better with some time and positive thought. Never would I have dreamed that my treat for getting better would be to go on a long road trip across the border to JB’s but there I was! I waited and hoped I would see Kelsey and when I did I wiggled my booty so hard, I for sure thought my tail would fall off. We were still in puppy love and when my 10 day quarantine was up at the kennel, she and I partied it up with my favoritest surprise ever, a HAPPY ADOPTION CAKE!

It took me a few days to realize that I really wasn’t dreaming, but now I’m finally settling in to an amazing furever home and I couldn’t be happier! Seriously if you don’t believe me, just watch my booty shake on my new insta, who dis? @samy_therescuepup. Now, my daily life consists of treats, play time, snuggling and of course, sitting at the cycle bar in Hillcrest letting everyone be awed by my cuteness before and after their spin. Talk about fresh photos with the bomb lighting, this is just the start for me and my new life. Big, huge thanks to The Animal Pad for the rescuing that saved me and tons of my bruddas and sistas – Samy so happy, so let’s make some more happy tails!!


CHARLIE, still kinda Charlie now CHUCK

This little terrier mix dude was discovered by one of the TAP volunteers amongst the sea of doggos because he was very vocal about wanting to get on out of Mexico and into the US. Chuck has the ability to make his needs known very well with his impressive howls. At the time, he was about 2 years old and almost invisible under his mop of matted hair. He also had bad skin allergies which caused him to have a few hot spots on his skinny body.

TAP saw potential in this guy and knew they had to bring him back. He was fostered with a few additional dogs at the time so he was well adjusted to play. He was figuring out being a dog for a little while and once finally comfortable and confident, he grew into a very social and happy dog. He was brought to an adoption event of TAP where one of the volunteers had seen him on their Instagram page and fell in love with him, therefore spent the entire event fawning over his grumpy guy face. It was agreed upon to do a foster to adopt but really, Chuck had this in the bag.

After a short while of fostering, Chuck was adopted by myself, Jamie and Jim! After much hard work with diet changes and supplements, Chuck finally put some meat on his bones, pep in his step, and a whole lotta fluff on his back. He now lives like an absolute prince in San Diego and is likely to be seen strutting around your local brewery, dog beach, hiking trail or festival.

Aside from being the life of the party, Chuck loves to hike, swim, chase birds, throw his own toys, and the best of all, be a foster brother to his Ensenada family. Chuck has started being the best foster brother to other TAP dogs and helps them get more confident in the whole learning to be a dog process just as other dogs did for him. He has successfully played and parted with Berry, now Ficus & Iggy, now Griffey.

A few words from Prince Chuck: I know my devilishly good looks can charm you out of your socks but believe it or not, i once was not this handsome. My TAP fam found me at rock bottom and I’ve heard that’s when you know who your friends are, and they were just that! My buddies at TAP got me looking so fresh and so clean, clean so I could find my awesome furever home and I could never show my amount of gratitude. I mostly cant show it because I dont speak human but also I have chronic grumpy face so I’ll just have to kiss you to death to let you know. I love my new life, I go everywhere and still do my sweet street hops when I see something I like, wanna sniff or just overall, feel like putting on a show. We, shelter dogs have so much love and entertainment to give and we just need 1 person to see the potential in us. I am the ultimate pal around town, people, kids, and EVEN, cats like to hang with me. My favorite brewery is Amplified and my absolute favorite spot to play, is Fiesta Island off leash dog park.

I plan to convince my hoomans to be a forever foster because I gotta help my bruddas and sistas out and pay it forward! Shout out to Griffey and Ficus homies-started from the bottom, now we here, now the WHOLE TEAM in here! I hope I can foster bro to like a million doggos because life is just better with more dogs, period. I love my pawrents so much & my great story, I hope to be apart of many more happy tails! Stay tuned for my future adventures with adoptable fosters & follow me on insta @whatsup_chuckk. Truth be told, I always belonged among the wildflowers. High fives all around for the Happy Tails!!


Being exposed to so many dogs on the regular leaves the animal pad folk constantly saying there’s a very good boy and there’s very good girl. They are the Oprah of the “good dog” phrase. Recently, we had the pleasure of a BERRY good boy.

This curly headed sir from Ensenada was riddled with mange and very malnourished when first noticed at the shelter on a volunteer trip. He was in a small cage for most of his days and very, very skinny. After his mange became better managed, the TAP team brought him across the border to Jay Bee’s where he waited out his quarantine period.

As he got more yard time, nutrition and loving from the volunteers, his true spunk started to show. This berry athletic boy could fetch for hours on end, ball truly was life for him. He reached the day where he was picked up by his foster parents and brought home to share space with another TAP alumni dog to show him the ropes of domesticated, pampered living.

His first full day was at a North Park craft beer festival where men, women and children were smitten and drawn to his cute face and the worlds’ best eye brow game. He was a total super star and wanted by many.

He had met his new parents that day and although, he was trying to play it cool, the perfect match could be seen from all angles. Sir Berry, now named Ficus was adopted on May 20th and his new family couldnt be happier. Elise and Sam had been looking for a doodle breed because of severe pet dander allergies and this dog was everything they always dreamed of because hey some congestion and sneezing ain’t gonna stop a dog lover. Dog lovers gonna love. Ficus lives his dream out of playing fetch, enjoying all the bull sticks, stealing socks, and dripping his fresh water doodley beard all over the house now. He has recently left the San Diego area with his hoomans on the road trip of a life time to the PNW.

A few words from Ficus himself: I used to roam the streets of Mexico in search of food and friends every day but ever since being found by TAP, I’ve been living my best life. Every day is like yappy hour! My favorite tings include romping after tennis balls, digging at the beach, corgi butts, and snuggling on laps on long car rides. My most hated tings really include just baths, SOS! Luckily I have killer curls so I can air dry just fine. I will miss San Diego & all the TAP team members but I cant wait to experience SNOW and sniff out all of the new states’ dogs, mostly corgis. I’ll be sure to try out the coffee and report back to my TAP fam, oh & when we get settled we might even just be hitting you dudes back up for me to have a furry sibling. TAP Fam for life, tanks to all for giving me my furever home & pawsome family! Jumping for joy over my happy tail:)!



It’s a b(IG) day around here. That’s right, we are talking about the sweet and beautiful rapper Iggy. Iggy came from the Ensenada shelter completely matted and with a laceration to the left eye, which TAP thought may need a big surgery to fix.

Nonetheless, her sweet temperament and soulful eyes lured in the TAP team and she was brought back across the border in June. She spent her first few days in a kennel at Jay Bee’s getting to know what consistent meals and fun yard time was like, while sharing her home with Cardi B & Queenie. These gals were extra in all the best ways! When youd walk in to give them play time, they all had escape artist choreography & mad jumps on point like they rehearsed day in and day out.

The time came for Iggy to go to her foster care where she stayed for only 1 week! Needless to say, with that face, the American people couldn’t keep their paws off of her. Although she enjoyed her time with her temporary foster brother, Chuck (also a TAP alumni), she was so excited to get into her forever home.

When Iggy gets excited, she has a habit of getting happy feet where she bounces from one paw to the next in eager anticipation and that’s just what she did as she trotted up the stair case of her new home!

Iggy, now Griffey, was given to her new pawrents, Annie & Daniel on June 6th and they’ve been smitten as a family ever since. Griffey is so incredibly loved by her new owners & shows them that sweet, grateful face every time their eyes meet to return that good lovin!

Some words from Iggy: I never was quite sure I could be so good at this dog thing but dang I can get used to this spoiled life! Bless up, now I gots a super plush bed, a bajillion toys, hoomans who love to walk me around the neighborhood & also trips to this super kewl place that has a floor that like melts under my paws, I think the hoomans call it the beach. Also, my eye is getting better and better every day! Anyways, I still hate baths but I lurve to swim, hehe kinda silly but just as my old name goes – I’m so fancy, you already know! And by the looks of it, thats exactly how things are gonna stay. Paws up for my happy tail, griffey gal in the house and I’m all smiles!!