Wheatie-The Rood Pood!

Wheatie don’ give a damn!

Hey you guys! Now that this old boy’s nap has been interrupted, may as well introduce myself. My name is Wheatie and for some reason, they have started to call me the Rood Pood. Since when has expressing candid opinions become rude? It was not so in my days! Anyhoo. I am about 8-9 year old, Bichon-Poodle mix and I am just a smallish guy at 18 lbs. I may give a stinkeye to everyone, but trust me, I have so much love for The Animal Pad, who gave me a second chance at life just before this quarantine hit and brought me over from the Ensenada shelter. They have given me hope to live out my sunset days in sunny San Diego. My foster family has been working hard at teaching me doggie manners, like I need some. So far I don’t poop in the house, preferring other people’s driveways, and walk my leisurely walk throwing shade at people that my family don’ like. I have been fixed, but that hasn’t stopped the ladies from lovin’ me.

You guys know my real age now, so I can tell ya that my vision is starting to not be as great. I take direction cues from a squeaky ball that my family uses to lure me. Also, I like to walk real slow, taking in all the sights(some sights, fineeee) and smells, but maybe a stroller would be a good idea later on. Besides this, I can give the young ‘uns a run for their money!

Look guys, I am a poodle-bichon mix and I know I am a cute guy, but none of that foo-foo business with me. I have old-man mean tendencies and I am not afraid to flaunt them. If there is a stink around me, it shows on my face! However, I welcome all sorts of belly rubs, pats, hugs and kisses, from people who I love. If I don’t love ya, better luck next time. Also, if my family doesn’t like ya, shoo! I have some solid dietary preferences and you better have a good taste. Chicken, rice and veggies will do good. Dogicecream and dogsicles top my food chart. But the easiest way to make me yours forever is to play fetch with me. There, I gave my secret away. 😉

I mentioned that I am an old guy and I have no patience for people who aren’t ready to play fetch with me or listen to what have to say. But my trust and loyalty are unwavering for my family. I may snip at ya, but my heart has quite a lot of love. I don’t care about other dogs and I may lunge and attempt to bite. However, my agility is questionable and the attempt remains unsuccessful, dammit. I have even attacked myself in the mirror, and it was too funny for my family for whatever reason. Kids are too much for me.

I know I have a family out there with a mean sense of humor, patience, and truckloads of love in their heart to give me a home of my own. Someone who is not turned off by ol’ grumps and sees the ocean of love that hides in my heart will be perfect! I would prefer a peaceful house with maybe a yard, to lounge about in. I would like a home with only me as the center of attention and no other pets or kids. Trust me, there’s plenty of giggles and laughs with me around and even more love that I cant wait to shower on my family! My adoption fee is $250 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adopt-today

Age: 8-9 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Poodle-Bichon mix

Personality: Grumpy-happy ol' dog, but with a sick sense of humor and whole lot of love for his people!

Education: Knows how to poop outside, crating helps prevent bathroom accidents, likes to walk leisurely on the leash.

Favorite Activities: Playing fetch is his fav! Loves icecreams and popsicles, cuddling, getting belly rubs, pets and scratches.

Looking for: A home with lots of love and patience and a great sense of humor for this happy grumps.. He will need a quiet home without other pets or kids.

Adoption Fee: 250