Meet Mr. Lowrider, Waylon!

Waylon is a classic good dog in the form of a male, 6 year old, Corgi/Shepherd mix. He came to TAP as a part of our sweet 16 ESLR rescue group in search of a family who will shower him with the love that he deserves! His foster mama is making sure he gets perfectly ready to head to his forever home. He has been fixed and is so good at bathroom habits and a delight to walk! He snoozes through the night and actually quite likes his crate for sleeps.

Waylon is an incredibly sweet dog and is very calm and relaxed. He is totally adaptable to the environment he is in. Even during the shower time at ESLR, the day he was brought back, he was the easiest because of his total obedience. He surrenders to his humans completely and so full of love and gratitude! He does great with other dogs too and will play or chill as per the energy around. He is good with kids, but would prefer older kids and teens. He would do great in any kind of home, with a single person, or a family with older kids. He does love his walks and basking in the sun in a backyard. He is a pretty chill guy, so doesnt quite need a very active person. If you want to relax, you will find Waylon right by your side.

If you want a completely adaptable dog, who will make a fabulous companion, Waylon’s the guy for you! His adoption fee is $250 and that includes neutering, shots and microchip. If you want to take him home, please fill out the form on the website here https://www.theanimalpad.org/adopt-today


Age: 6 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Corgi/Shepherd mix

Personality: Easy, relaxed, and very obedient.

Education: Perfect bathroom habits, great walking on a leash and sleeps in his crate.

Favorite Activities: Napping and exploring the backyard. Sunbathing!

Looking for: Any kind of home with either single person or a family with older kids, who will love him.

Adoption Fee: 250