Toad: Pending Adoption

Princess Peach and everyone’s best friend!

Hey guys! I am Toad and I am very pleased to meet you! I am a 4-6 months old, male, Hound mix. My big brown eyes and my 35 lb snuggly body make me the most adorable lil hound around. TAP rescued me from the Imperial County shelter because they knew I have my best family waiting for me. Since then, I have blossomed under the care of my foster mama and getting trained real well. I am all bathroom trained and I am learning to be better on the leash. I am all healthy and will be fixed soon!

I am a big looking boy but I also am still a puppy. I am doing so well with patient training and learning so many new commands like sit, leave it, and doing so great at call backs! I am a smart cookie, aren’t I? I do rather like food, so treats and positive reinforcement are my best friends, besides my foster doggo siblings, specially Hank! I can snooze all day when my mama works but she makes sure that I go on walks and timely training to burn out my energy so that my behavior remains one of a good boy. I am a rambunctious and goofy pup and my antics keep everyone laughing! You are gonna love my lil quirks, like when I rumble when I stretch or get squiggly dreams.

I am a friendly boy and get along rather well with dogs! I am learning to be a very good boy in parks and do pretty well! I am good at doggie greetings when I enter the dog park and then run off to find playmates. Some correction is needed here and there, but it’s all good for me! I once met a cat and I sniffed and walked away. My energy would require a gentle introduction and supervision with young kids, but I pawmise that I do adore them! Socialization is the key for making me a well-balanced good doggo! I know that my princess, err, family, is in the next castle and I will find her!

Training me will be a piece of cake with my smartness and I would love a family to devote time and energy for me to be the goodest boy! Loads of love and snuggles will go a long way. Another playful dog buddy would be so good! I can be in an apartment as long as I get exercise and there are not a whole lot of hallways with distraction 😉 My adoption fee is $400 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here:

Age: 4-6 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Hound mix

Personality: Energetic, goofy pup. Food-motivated.

Education: Good with bathroom and working on leash training

Favorite Activities: Love sto play with dogs in the dog park, getting trained, long walks, treat, playing fetch.

Looking for: A home with an active family that understands devotion of time and energy for a young pup. He would benefit greatly from training and loads of love. Socialization and a playful dog sibling will really help.

Adoption Fee: 400