Hello! Look how fast I whiz around! My name is Pop, and I am teeny tiny male, 6 months old, Cattle Dog/White Shepherd wonder mix. I am about 30 lbs in weight, not counting my sweet chariot. I havent been fixed yet, but sure my sweet vet will work on that. I am from Mexico where the amazing people of TAP rescued me and brought me over to find me an amazing home! I am learning how to follow the leash with my wheels on, and I am also learning to stay longer in my pen when my foster family is gone. I can do 2-3 hours right now, and I am improving every day!

My captivating grin may have prevented you from noticing, but I am a specially-abled pup. A dog attacked me when I was a wee baby and lack of medical care caused me to become paralyzed waist down due to a spinal cord injury. I need to be in male diapers because I can’t control much. The diapers need changing every 3 hours or so, with a cleaning to prevent UTI. I have a prolapsed penis that needs nourishment from Vaseline 3x a day. I can go poopie on my own, but sometimes, I need manual expressing through a Q tip, 3-4 hours after meals. But hey! Physiotherapy and acupuncture is actually helping me with my limbs! I will need to keep that up to make it better for all of us. 🙂

Guys, I told you I am a special pup, but a pup nevertheless! I have a lot of puppy sweetness in me and I love to play! I am curios about dogs and can get quite playful with my wheels to support me. I have had some fun beach times now, and kiddos at the beach are so delightful! I run, play, chew on toys and then nap and repeat the same all over again! Did you know tennis balls can be that fun?! I love them, only next to how much I love my people! I have a simple happy-go-lucky attitude and my mantra is to stay happy no-matter-what!

I am ready to be with my forever family and be a part of a loving household. I understand that with my needs, I will need people at home most of the time, maybe with a flex schedule or working from home. I will need medical help and on day-to-day basis to make sure I have gone to the bathroom and I am fit n fine! Patience and love will go a long way for me, but I promise to love the heck out of you! My adoption fee is $250 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adopt-today

Age: 6 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Cattledog/White Shepherd mix

Personality: Very sweet and playful

Education: Working on leash training and on staying alone. He can be by himself for 2-3 hours now.

Favorite Activities: Going to the park or the beach, chewing on toys and balls, playing!

Looking for: A home where he will have someone loving and patient, taking care of his daily duties. Someone who understands the level of responsibilities for a special pup.

Adoption Fee: 250