The best possible bestie, Migos!

Migos is a 5 year old, male, 45 lb Golden retriever mutt who looks actually like a wily coyote and behaves like a young puppy! Migos is such a good boy on the leash and walks by the side without pulling. He is working on his bathroom training and will need patience and support as he progresses. He has been fixed already.

Migos has a dark past and his body bears the marks of BB pellets. There is one BB pellet embedded in his lung that the vet says is okay to let be and his body has healed around it. He has some breathing issues that arent really trouble, and sounds like he is snoring, but all his x-rays and bloodwork have come out normal. His vet says there is no relation between the BB pellet and his breathing. Migos is the kind of boy who uplifts your soul by letting go of his past and knowing only all encompassing love! He is a boy who deserves all the love and cuddles and we know there is a perfect furver home for him out there!

Migos is a lil pup in an adult body! We arent kidding around when we say that, thanks to his whole bunch of puppy antics! He loves to run around the yard chasing bunnies or playing fetch, when he has his puppy energy bursts, but mostly will be calm and relaxed! He is a dream to hang out with and shows such incredible love to his people. He is funny. smart and makes everyone laugh around him. He is very dog friendly and gets along beautifully with his toddler human sibling. He was made to hang out with kiddos and be their bestie! Although he shows some puppy behavior and need to be told off for mouthiness at times, he is just a perfectly gentle soul around children. His smile is such a winner and gets him the most adored looks wherever he goes!

All Migos needs is love! Any kind of family or home will be good for him as long as there is love and care to share. His family has to be patient about his wild puppy habits. He is super adaptable. We do feel he will be a great buddy for kids. This pet’s adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots and microchip. If you want to take this pet home, please fill out the form on the website here https://theanimalpad.org/adopt-today

Age: 5 year old

Gender: Male

Breed: Golden Retriever-German Shepherd mix

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, very sweet, fabulous with kids!

Education: Great on the leash, working on bathroom training

Favorite Activities: Playing fetch, eating and just hanging out.

Looking for: A home full of love!

Adoption Fee: 300