The  baby among the babies, Leo!

Leo is a sweet 9 month old, stroller-loving, Basenji mix who came to us from SD Humane Society as a stray. He is very puppy-like and at 37 lbs, he is happily healthy with love and care. He is completely leash and bathroom trained and has been fixed as well! Crate is not his favorite thing, and he definitely thrives when he has company most of the day.

Leo is the most beautifully adaptable dog who will bring so much joy to any family! He and his foster human toddler sis love each other and he enjoys playing with dogs who are ready to play back! He is very easy to take around town as a fun buddy, being great with different settings and situations, and very friendly! Crate is not his top preference but he will deal with it. It helps to crate him when left alone at home to calm his puppy self and chewing instincts. He loves to cuddle, nap, play with humans and dogs.

Leo will be an absolute delight in any family home! A loving home with dogs and kids of any size will be the best environment for him. He just needs plenty of play time and running about so a yard is a great idea! Leo doesnt enjoy being home alone, so someone at home most of the day will work best for him. His adoption fee is $300 and that includes neutering, shots and microchip. If you want to take him home, please fill out the form on the website here https://www.theanimalpad.org/adopt-today

Age: 9 month

Gender: Male

Breed: Basenji mix

Personality: Playful, snuggly and very friendly

Education: Completed bathroom and leash training

Favorite Activities: Playing, running around, cuddling

Looking for: A home with lots of playtime and people who love him. A family with dogs, kids, and a yard.

Adoption Fee: 300