Our Joey wants to know how you doin’?!

Joey is a cutie 2-3 year old, male Fox Terrier mix, who is a part of the FRIENDS group, brought to TAP from the Ensenada shelter. He charmed his foster folks during their many visits to ESLR and they raised funds for him to be brought over to find a loving home that he deserves. He weighs around 30lbs but we expect him to gain a few more once he is healthier and better nourished. He is a smart dog and is already house, bathroom, leash and crate trained! He has been neutered as well. Currently, he is getting regular medicated shampoo baths to help itchy skin and we expect him to be prim and proper very soon!

Joey is an absolute sweetheart and a happy-go-lucky guy just like Mr. Tribbiani himself! He is affectionate and shows it by giving standing hugs and paws on ya. He is happy to give company but is content to spend time by himself too and is well-behaved when alone at home. He is just very happy to be in a warm, safe environment. He loves his walks and wags his tail as soon as he spots the leash! He is moderately energetic and discovering the joys of fetch and chewing on bones. He is friendly with strangers, gets along very well with other dogs and needs adults to be his family and a home without kids. He sometimes gets startled by new people, but then settles down quickly after meeting them. He loves to get pets and will ask for them with his signature move, by putting his head in the palm of your hand!

Joey has an awesome personality and will fit in any home that will give him the love and affection that he rightly deserves! He would be a great first dog, easygoing and happy, but will be good with another dog as well. This energetic guy will need a home without kids and seeks adult companionship. This pet’s adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots and microchip. If you want to take this pet home, please fill out the form on the website here

Age: 2-3 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Fox Terrier mix

Personality: Super sweet and affectionate. Very easygoing!

Education: Completed bathroom, leash and crate training within two days of foster!

Favorite Activities: Getting petted, walking around the neighborhood, playing fetch and chewing bones.

Looking for: Can be great as both a single dog or with a companion to adults. A home without kids will be better suited.

Adoption Fee: 300