♫ Hey, I heard you were a wild one! ♫

Mutsu, is a teeny weenie 2-3 month old female terrier mix, who was born to a TAP rescue mama ‘Apple’. Since then, she has been lovingly brought up with her mama, siblings and now foster parents to be a wonderful girl. Mutsu has been scheduled to be spayed soon. She is picking up good bathroom habits, like knowing that outside is the place to go and to use peepads at night. She is a smartie and will pick up leash walking soon enough!

Mutsu was the adventurer of the pup brigade! She is a fearless leader and believed that she was commanding an army! She is sassy, and playful and loves to be the life of a party. She is incredibly sweet with everyone she meets! She gets along fabulously with all people and dogs. She is teething, so patience and attention will be required around small children till she grows older. Mutsu is a fun girl who loves her playtime, running, tug o’ war and running away with toys! She is a baby who tends to fall asleep anyhow and anywhere, specially snuggled with her parents.

Mutsu will sweeten up anyone’s life! She will do great with someone who plays with her, socializes her, teaches her to be a perfect dog, and with love and patience. Her adoption fee is $350 and that includes spaying, shots and microchip.If you want to take her home, please fill out the form on the website here

Age: 3 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Personality: Fun fearless female!

Education: Picking up good bathroom habits and learning how to walk on leash.

Favorite Activities: Running in the yard, tug o' war, running away with her toys, napping with her people.

Looking for: A home where she will be brought up with love, attention and patience.

Adoption Fee: 350