Fiesty fiesta, Forky!

Forky is a 2 year old, male Terrier mix who trusts TAP to find him a forever, loving home. This 10 lb dog is progressing wonderfully with his bathroom training and walks quite well on his leash.He is crate trained. He will be fixed soon. Forky needs more social interactions post his neutering and that will definitely help him get along well with other dogs. Currently, he goes through moods with dogs, and tends to like food, toys and attention to himself. He is friendly with kids who he encounters on his walks and bowls them over with his sweetness.

Forky is a sweet pea with a very fun personality to match! He may be feisty with other dogs, but he will get better with more social interactions. With people, he is an absolute lover! He craves love and pets and will run up to get ’em. Attention is his top priority, even more than food or toys and will spend his day cuddled up. He has some energy and a cute silliness to him  and can be such a drama queen! He will be vocal with tiny noises about things he doesnt like while walking like an ol’ grammy! He is quite motivated to learn, and can roll, sit and leave it!

He will be great for someone who will be able to give Forky a bunch of love and attention. He seeks a real companion and will be better with time, energy and patience to help him be more reliable and social with dogs. Training will really be helpful! A home with kids will be great as well, but he needs to be an only dog. This pet’s adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots and microchip. If you want to take this pet home, please fill out the form on the website here

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Terrier mix

Personality: Feisty, playful, simply loves attention!

Education: Working on bathroom training, good on the leash and in crate.

Favorite Activities: cuddling! Playing fetch, walking, getting pets

Looking for: A forever home with attention, love, patience, training and hopefully kids. He must be an only dog.

Adoption Fee: 300