Meet Dylan, the spunkiest pup around!

Dylan is our spunky, 5 month old, female, Shepherd mix. She has been spayed and vaccinated and is ready for her forever home. Dylan is currently undergoing bathroom and leash training and learning to be a perfect dog! Dylan is awesome with her crate and will make herself totally at home in it!

Dylan is very energetic and playful! She has a curious nature and that makes her a quick learner. Dylan loves people and thrives on attention. She enjoys playing with her foster brother and is a happy spirited dog. She has an independent streak and will nap by herself when done playing. She needs proper introduction when meeting new dogs and takes a bit to warm up and be friendly. She wants to play with cats and will back off when warned. She likes kids, but is a jumper and a licker and needs to be taught with patience. But she is such a delight with kiddos!

Dylan will thrive with an active, attentive family to help her through her playful pup stage. She will enjoy having a dog best friend around her. Her adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying, shots and microchip.If you want to take her home, please fill out the form on the website here https://www.theanimalpad.org/adopt-today


Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd mix

Personality: Playful and energetic!

Education: Learning house and leash training

Favorite Activities: Playing with dogs, chasing ice-cubes, gamboling about, getting petting.

Looking for: A forever home with an active family

Adoption Fee: $350 (Includes spay/neuter, shots and microchip)