The girl who deserves the world, Dorothy!

Dorothy is a 6 year old, wonder mix of a few shepherds and huskies, weighs about 45 lbs, and is a proper lady who knows how to behave. She is a rescue from ESLR where she spent many years, after being saved from a family who tried to destroy her need for love and warmth. But they failed to break her spirit and her absolute love for people. She has such good manners and is great at home, on the leash and in a crate. She usually does go to bathroom outside, but needs to go more currently due to some medications. She has been spayed.

Dorothy is an adult dog and has stayed in the shelter for 5 long years. She has unfortunately been diagnosed by TVT that mimicked symptoms of heat. But the best news is that she has to visit the vet weekly for 6 weeks and medicines will cure her completely! Her age also has given her an iffy back leg which makes her avoid stairs. But she is okay being picked up and going on walks.

Dorothy is an amazement with eyes that stare into your soul! This girl knows only love and nothing else! She is a constant snuggler and adores getting pets. She gets excited around food, but understands that her person is the alpha. She may grab treats a bit too enthusiastically but that’s purely out of excitement. She has never shown food aggression though, even around dogs. She is a social butterfly and loves to be out and about with her foster mama. She looks forward to meeting new people and more love! She has not shown any destructive streak, doesnt bark/whine and is just a delight! She is polite with other dogs, but tends to leave them to do their own thing. She is yet to meet kids or kitties, but her friendly nature makes us believe that she would be great with older kids who understand her age and needs.

Dorothy has had a hard life with an unthinkable past, but continues to show incredible love. She is the epitome of unconditional love. She is just thankful for a warm home and will fit in beautifully in a family who shower her with love! She would be wonderful as an only dog or even with a canine companion. This pet’s adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots and microchip. If you want to take this pet home, please fill out the form on the website here

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Breed: Husky-German Shepherd mix

Personality: Unbelievably sweet and loving!

Education: Good on the leash and in crates. Quite good at her bathroom training, just needs more trips due to medicines and being in heat. will get better quickly.

Favorite Activities: Snuggling, walks and loves to be out with you at restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc.! She loves to say hi to other people and to get all of the pets :)

Looking for: A warm home with a loving family who will love her back unconditionally! She deserves the world! She will be great as an only dog, or even with another dog. Older kids will be better who understand her age and needs. A home with minimum stairs or none, will be best for her.

Adoption Fee: 300