Lil big man, Dobry!

If there was a poodle club with quirky characters, Dobry would be President! Dobry is a 9-10 year old, senior male mini poodle, who remains a TAP favorite! He is small, 14 lbs and enjoys pets but not being held. He is completely housetrained and great on a leash. Little dude has been neutered, too. Dobry has had a rough life and a past car accident (before the rescue) left him with a broken jaw and a funky tooth. He also suffers from blindness in his left eyes, and almost total deafness. Dobry definitely deserves some TLC in a wonderful home.

Dobry is a chilled guy who enjoys lounging around and eat, drink, sleep and repeat. He will follow his people around and ask for pets when sitting by them. He loves to go out on his walks and has great stamina to be outdoors. He loves to frolic in the park by himself. He is generally friendly with other dogs as long as they are introduced gently. Dobry has some senior dog quirks where he gets bothered by low sounds even with his deafness, we wonder how! He likes women more than men and needs encouragement to socialize. He does make a beautiful bunny when happy and prances around. He needs the right environment to be happy.

Dobry will do best as an only dog and with adults only, who are ready to look beyond his quirks and see all the love he has to offer. He would be a great companion for women. If you want to take him home, please fill out the form on the website here

Age: 9-10 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Mini Poodle

Personality: Quirky senior but with a lot of love to offer!

Education: Housebroken and leash trained

Favorite Activities: Eat, drink, sleep, repeat! Walks and park time.

Looking for: A home as an only dog and with adults only.

Adoption Fee: