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Adoptable: Zoey, Milo and Oliver

Age: Dog Zoey is 3 years old, cats are 5 years old.

Personality: Zoey is a girl and excited to see you but settles down after a short time. The cats are friendly and sweet with a few seconds of shyness.

Education: Good with bathroom and leash training

Looking for: A loving home adopted together hopefully!

Adoption Fee: $ 300

This is Zoey (Boxer), Milo (black cat), and Oliver (striped cat). They all live together and get along beautifully.  Their current family has taken excellent care of them but is currently working through a challenge that includes relocation to another state. Unfortunately, the animals can’t go.  All are up to date on vaccinations and have been well loved, inside companions. Zoey is 3 years old and recently spayed.
Milo and Oliver are brothers. They are 5 years old. Both are neutered and have their claws. Oliver enjoys the cat tree. Milo enjoys hanging out with Zoey and the humans.  Everyone is trained to do their business where they are supposed to.  Zoey is happy, high energy, and responsive. She could use some basic training, but has no behavioral concerns. It would be incredible to keep them all together. If that’s not possible, we would hope the brothers could stay together, although Zoey will miss them (especially Milo).

Please contact: Laura Nelson to adopt them at consciousgeneration@me.com

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