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Adoptable: Spirit

Age: 6 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Husky mix

Weight: 25 lbs

Personality: Spirit baby found in TJ on a sidewalk with his hind leg completely fractured and degloved. We think he had been hit by a car. Spirit is a very good boy! He loved to be with his people, good with kids and cats too, but absolutely LOVES playing with other dogs. He also loves going to the park and running around. This boy could run and play forever if no one stopped him. He can also be very chill though and also loved napping next to his human(s).

Education: Progressing rapidly on bathroom and good with leash training. Needs some help with minor separation anxiety.

Favorite Activities: Going on walks, playing with other dogs, going to the park, playing with toys, and exploring new places.

Looking for: A loving home wanting an amazing pup and ready to commit to training him to be the best boy! A dog pal to show him the ropes, would be amazing and keep his separation anxiety at bay.

Special needs: He's a tripod that doesnt care about it!

Adoption Fee: $ 500

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