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Adoptable: Sadie

Age: 7 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Weight: 32 lbs

Personality: Very active and energetic.

Education: Good with bathroom and working on leash training

Favorite Activities: Tug of war, cuddling on the couch, long walks and doing "zoomies" around a back yard or park.

Looking for: An active family ready for a girl that plays hard. A playful dog mentor will be good for her.

Adoption Fee: $ 250

Sweet lil Sadie!

Hi there! I am a 7 years old, female Terrier mix, weighing around 32 lbs, and already spayed. I had a home since I was a puppy. Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond my family’s control, I am here to find a new home, ideally with an active and confident playmate. I am bathroom trained, but need a refresher on leash walking. I am also allergy prone, and need a watchful eye to make sure that I stay okay. I just got checked for a neurological symptom, but no action’s required at this time. Just keep a watch in case there are any changes! 🙂

One thing that must be noted about me, is that I am super energetic! I can definitely be a little “extra” and take a while to pick up on cues that my playfulness may not be welcome. But I do learn eventually and can at the very least coexist with a playful dog who can show me the ropes. I can play a little rough as well. My “extra-ness” can extend to children as well, especially those at easy licking level. My strategy is to greet human strangers with plenty of kisses and this makes us friends.

I am an absolute sweetheart at my core, and definitely exhibit a mix of anxious & submissive traits. I can’t stress enough for my need to be active and exercised, and I will be happiest with physical and mental enrichment. I get excited quickly, so sometimes I can cross boundaries without realizing it, which I am learning not to do. Tug of war is my favorite game and with the right playmate I can rough house with the best of ’em.

I am looking for a very active single, couple or older family with a somewhat younger dog of a similar size. Playfulness, exercise and mental games would make it the right environment for me. If you think that we can be amazing together, we should meet up! My adoption fee is $250 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application

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