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Adoptable: Rylee

Age: 4 months

Gender: Female

Breed: Blue heeler Aus cattle dog mix

Weight: 19 lbs

Personality: She is a shy pup who comes out of her shell and shows that by jumping on legs and asking for attention, and then asking for tummy rubs. She absolutely loves tummy rubs. She rather you meet her on her level on the ground and be patient with her than pick her up. She loves playing with the other pups, and stalking them. Loves playing with toys. No anxiety. She is super sweet. She gets a bit nervous in the car.

Education: Working on bathroom and leash training. Will need puppy lessons.

Favorite Activities: Chasing her foster siblings, Playing fetch, cuddling, tummy rubs

Looking for: A loving home with another dog will help her gain her confidence and allow her to grow and realize she is in a safe place. Patient home that won't force interaction with her, but allow her to come up to them. Given her breed, an active home will be great for her. If there are kids, as long as they are okay with not having the want/need to carry her around everywhere. She gets too nervous being held, and will actually try to jump off your arms to jump down.

Adoption Fee: $ 800