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Adoptable: Ritz

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Female

Breed: Doodle

Weight: 44 lbs

Personality: So timid and scared, but can't wait to open up and show all the love in her heart!

Education: Needs to decompress. Good with bathroom, crate and working on leash training. Will need help with separation anxiety.

Favorite Activities: Loves to romp and run around in the yard! Chasing ball, running, playing with toys, digging, fetching, playing with mentally stimulating puzzle games.

Looking for: A home with lots of love, patience and time for me to decompress. I will need a yard to run around in. A friendly dog would make a great mentor for me, and older kids would be better. Just lots of patience, please.

Special needs: Must be given time to decompress and trust.

Adoption Fee: $ 1000

Ritzy, glitzy mama who just needs a chance to dazzle!

Hullo hullo! I am Ritz and drippin’ in glitter. I am a 1 year old, spayed female Doodle, weighing about 44 lbs. I was rescued pregnant and had my babies in the plushest maternity suite under TAP’s foster care. My babies have been weaned and are going to their furever homes where they’ll live their beautiful lives. Now it’s time for the mama to shine and live her poshest bestest life. I am house trained, crate trained, and working on leash walking. I will need help with separation anxiety. My past was unfortunately not as glittery as my present. I was rescued as a part of the Doodle group from the breeder who actually was the devil in disguise. You know the backyard breeders where the cutest Doodle pups come from? They come from dogs like us, living in conditions that I was in. I have been pregnant at that evil place and we mamas lived in a burrow in the ground. I have emotional scars from that life and I have been timid and scared, wary of touch, but I am also extremely hopeful for my future!

I am a sweet gal who needs big space and bigger chunk of time to decompress in new environment and I will need that at my furever home too. I am trying to build confidence, but it will take time, and hope you hold my paw through that. If I am unsure or afraid, I may bark and howl, but please be patient. I am proving to be good with other dogs, but softer and slow introductions have been helpful. Crate is my safe space and I am naturally crate trained. I do have a fight or flight response, so proper leash handling and a secure yard will be a must. When I am feeling safe, I am a calm lady and pawfectly polite! I am very sweet and gentle and eventually will be comfortable with petting and touching. I love big outdoor space for running, jumping, chasing balls. That’s my level of exercise right now and that’s when the playful puppy in me comes out! I enjoy digging and grassy yard activities, along with plenty of mental stimulations on those rainy days.

My mama says that I am a warrior and I deserve beyond the best! I have endured the worst abuse and neglect and managed to bring 6 healthy puppies to term, then devotedly cared for them until their adoption. Now it’s time for me to be prioritized! My sweetness and loyalty will shine when given a chance. I missed out on my puppyhood and deserve the space, patience, and consistency to learn to be a dog. I will thrive in a calm environment with space to play outside. I will enjoy fur siblings and may need time to adjust and feel safe. I will do best with older children (12 and up). Once I am acclimated to my new family, I will enjoy physical outside activities, like hiking and running. Until I have help with separation anxiety, I will need to have someone at home to help me feel safe. I would also like my crate with the door open, to retreat to and sleep. If you think you have some space in your heart an dhome for this diamond in the ruff, let’s meet up! You can also learn more about me on IG @OllieandFern. My adoption fee is $1000 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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